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When you find an easy way to work around a problem you allow the problem to persist and maybe even grow. Be forthcoming and not lazy with the problems you encounter. Be brave and not cowardly. If you fail in this, you fail creation.


When you viscerally dislike someone it is likely because they unabashedly and externally exhibit attributes you have placed great effort in keeping concealed within you. Likewise when you viscerally like someone it is because they unabashedly and externally exhibit those things you would like to and strive to embody externally yourself.

The Paradigm of the Mirror – A model for self discovery

We are all like pristine mirrors when we are born. If you look upon us, you see yourself. If you smile, we smile. If you frown, we frown.  We are your mirror.

Then, as we grow (in a healthy environment) we amass beautiful memories that we use to decorate our mirror to such an extent that our mirror becomes fully covered. This collection of memories becomes our identity and to some extent our personality.

Unfortunately we can no longer reflect you, nor can you, reflect us. So in time, we sense that something is missing. That there is part of us we don’t know… or that we’ve forgotten.  So we start to peel away our accouterments and accumulations. And if we are fortunate, we restore the pristine mirror that we once were.  This is called enlightenment.

Those whom have experienced severe childhood trauma, Continue reading “The Paradigm of the Mirror – A model for self discovery”


The naked and true existence of reality can never be described; You can only dance with it. Those things that can be described can only be described because they have opposites. Light has darkness. Wet has dryness. Soft has hardness, and so on. Reality, has no opposites therefore it can’t be described nor can it even be proven to exist; yet proof of its existence is undeniable.


Intelligence quotient is not a trait, it is a kind of energy source for much of human activity. This is why there is no correlation between this intelligence and things like conscientiousness or consciousness.   The more you raise this intelligence in your community, virtuousness and vices will grow equally.  Therefore, any efforts you take in promoting education must never take place until your children are taught the virtues needed to perform the duties and responsibilities that come with being a member of a community.


All of life as we know it is in a state of progress toward attaining or manifesting the one frequency of our existence.  That is to say that a tree is doing its best to reflect the same frequency that you are but in the best way it knows how.  Everyone is like a different flower attempting as best they can to reflect the same image.  Or a different instrument manifesting a different sound from the same breath.  Unless of course you choose to deny this duty, in which case you will bring suffering to yourself and others.


One might be tempted to think that from the standpoint of survival and evolution that lying and deception are favorable attributes to have. But this is only true in such instances where the organism is operating on its own; like the butterfly that makes the bird believe its wings are the eyes of a predator. But unlike most animals, humans have survived largely due to their ability to collaborate and work in groups. And whichever group contained the most dishonest and desceptive members was by far the one most likely to go extinct first. This is why the more you belong to a group but attempt to operate independently of it, the more likely you are to become a deceptive, manipulative and dishonest individual.


All incorrect bliss will inevitably lead to a correction in the opposite extreme. And while the bliss may be heightened and brief, the sadness the will follow can be long and grueling. Pursue your own compulsive bliss at your own peril.