You will be forbidden to have a beard or have long hair and you will be required to adhere to certain dress codes. Later you will hand over your property, guns and children. But it’s ok, see, because it’s all for your own good, they say. And yet you say nothing. All it takes for evil to take hold of you is for you to do nothing in response. You are either being willfully ignorant or a coward. Therefore you should also be ashamed of yourself.


Those who replace arguments with wordsmithed rhetoric and poorly constructed syllogisms will find their ideas to be fraught with sophistry. Stay clear from any conversation with such people as they are merely ideologically possessed beings whose ideas belong to a parasite that has dug its clutches deep in their mind.


Those nowadays falsely claiming to want unity are actually seeking to destroy diversity. This is no different than a shark opening its mouth after telling a fish: “come in my dear, and become one with me.”


We my still have the freedom of speech but they’ve taken away our freedom to speak.  While you may cast your utterance as loud as you like, nobody will hear you through the muzzle they’ve put on your face.   Sit in the theater and remain quiet – they will tell you when to applaud.