July 29, 2007

The empowerment of children and young adults has destroyed the institution of the elders


July 19, 2007

Beautiful is better than sexy

July 18, 2007

Shrinks and their patients are the modern day version of confession

July 14, 2007

My soul is my consequence for I am but a flower

July 13, 2007

Better to finish what you start than start what you won’t finish

July 12, 2007

As he dove into the buffet he told her “I’m going straight for the good stuff” and she said “what is that?”. With his mouth full of food he mumbled “don’t know but there’s less of it than anything else”.

July 12, 2007

Why do some expect little of those who are humble?


July 9, 2007

There are nine dimensions:

1st – spot (genesis)

2nd – spot + orientation (identity)

3rd – spot + orientation + x (vector or direction)

4th – spot + orientation +xy (shapes)

5th – spot + orientation +xyz (forms)

6th – spot + orientation +xyz + movement (the world of existence)

7th – … Divine Will (The Holy Spirit)

8th – … The Great Kingdom (Heaven)

9th – … ?