July 23, 2009

We’ve drifted apart, you and I.  We used to be like planets revolving around the sun but now I am like the moon, revolving around your orbit.  Sure, I may go wherever you go but I am no more than a lonely satellite with a heart that’s been turned to stone.



July 16, 2009

My knowledge is making me ignorant; if only I could forget everything!… and then, perhaps, remember.


July 14, 2009

The government’s pockets


July 14, 2009

Dark espresso chocolate with dark sweet cherries.


July 11, 2009

Do my wishes come true or do I happen to wish for what will come true?


July 9, 2009

Grapes with honey roasted peanuts

July 9, 2009

In the darkness lie those who are eager to befriend me.  Awaiting.  Lurking.  Conspiring yet confident that I will some day join them.  Soul-thirsty and conniving wretched beings anxious to drink my life away.  Despite all this, I am not afraid as I’ve become accustomed to their company.


July 1, 2009

Nurture the results, be they good or bad, because results are all you have to make new results.