October 16, 2010

Each person is a walking work of art.



October 15, 2010

Any time you let selfishness get in the way of reason, you help bring about the demise of your species.


October 12, 2010

The intellectual ability to “believe” in something is the mechanism by which our psyche adopts a view of the world which in turn is responsible for what we perceive as reality. Therefore, without faith in something, be it science, religion or your own personal views on life, the world is nothing more than a collection of causes and effects and your perception of reality is bound simply by the way the world presents itself to you, making your views on life, perhaps, no more sophisticated than that of an animal; rendering you simply an effect of reality, rather than a cause of it.


October 7, 2010

Give your feet a good rub before going to bed each night; it’s the least you can do given all they do for you.


October 5, 2010

Light causes things to illuminate but it is not, in itself, illuminated.


October 3, 2010

Attraction is an illusion, it is in fact the surrounding invisible forces that gather things together.


October 1, 2010

In the end, all that is left of your are your actions