When being born is no longer the challenge, it is replaced with a desire to survive, and you are not happy. When survival is no longer the challenge, it is replaced with a desire to prosper and you are then sad for not achieving it. If you achieve prosperity, however, your challenge will be lust and power and you will still be sad for not achieving it.  If you then satisfy these desires, your challenge will be replaced by the desire to preserve them, and you are still then not be happy because all that is gained is eventually lost.  When you desire to give, to be poor and accept your powerlessness, you will find that happiness awaits you at every corner.


Should you touch her hand and feel it to be cold, then you have given her warmth.  Everything that you take, must be given by someone, remember then, to give your share for everything that you have taken.


Every great religion has had its branch and its fruit. The branch of Hinduism gave the fruit of Buddhism. The branch of Islam gave the fruit of Bahai and the branch of Judaism gave the fruit of Christianity. The function of each and their inherent diversity is of no great importance, but that they derive their source from the same spring water, is all that matters.