If presented with a conflict whereby one must identify between truth and falsehood, don’t look for the answer in your tradition, your beliefs, your methods, your laws, your profession, your clicks or your clans; Just look for it in this simple equation so that the end of this theatrical display we call life will be a happy one for us all.

If your truth brings you well-being without taking away from the well-being of others, now or in the future, then your truth is great. However, if your truth promotes the mockery and suffering of others, now or in the future, your truth is weak. Therefore, proceed with care. Care for yourself and care for others. Care for yourself with others in mind such that it may bring care to them. And care for others with yourself in mind, such that it will bring care back to you. This is the balance.

Don’t worry too much about truth, aim for better outcomes for all and forever and the truth will show itself.

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