To ask me: do you believe in God, is the same as asking: do you believe in a God; which further implies I am familiar or know of this God you speak of; but alas I do not. Therefore I can only say with certainty that I do believe in the importance of believing; by which I mean it is important to strive to know that which is unknown; and further by which I mean one must study what has been unstudied. So next time, don’t ask me if I believe in God but rather be more specific and ask me if I know of the life force that is responsible for my existence. To which I can answer with certainty: “no, but I sure wish I did.” And as long as this is the case, our species will continue to strive to new heights and propel itself into the stars and secure its place in the heavens.


The things you come upon, the things you take, the things you earn and the things you are given; all these things are only yours for but a while. Soon, they will return to the earth or belong to someone else. Therefore, not one of these things can be claimed as your own. But there is one thing you can claim to be yours and that is your soul. Therefore take care of it, for no thing and no other can ever claim it. It is yours for eternity. Cherish it like a fool cherishes his treasures.