The purpose of the Universe is to create life. And the purpose of life is to distribute its light. That little evidence exists of this can be attributed merely to the tender age of our universe and us being perhaps one of its first blossoms. But just like the early blossom risks the bite of the frost from all sides, we have suffered greatly through this sojourn, from all sides. Should we survive it, however, we will take our torch gifted to us by Sol and illuminate our system completely and be remembered in the galactic courts as one of the first luminaries of our Universe.


Every year that goes by I feel like I peel away another layer of consciousness.
So increasingly aware of things around me that i am loath to remember the me of days past.
The more layers I peel away, the less of me there is left to peel but the closer I am to becoming one with the universe.
It seems that this is the dichotomy of consciousness. The greater the consciousness the less is my ability to conceive of a self. The more I am one with the universe, the less of me there is to be one with.
It would appear then, that to truly know, to truly understand, one must vanish altogether. Goodbye.


That your longing is there for a divine creator looking after you should be a reminder of how every cell in your body longs for your stewardship. Take care of them – they serve you unconditionally.