July 27, 2015

Those that wax arrogantly in their own humility, fool only themselves.



July 14, 2015

The state wants you to feel the victim and for them to be your savior.

Whether you feel victimized by your economic status, your race, sex or orientation, the state thrives on your victimhood.

When you come to it asking for more, It gladly gives you what you want but then takes something else of more value. Those that think something can be given without something else being taken, are like sheep being sheared while sleeping that upon waking the following morning, see it fit to blame the weather for the sudden chill.

When the sheep then turns to the state asking them to do something about it, the state provides a heated enclosure.

When the sheep dislikes the darkness, the state provides a window facing the wolves.

When the sheep fears for its safety, the state provides the lock but keeps the key.

Finally when the sheep notices the others being taken away to the slaughterhouse, it asks for its freedoms back but the state says “NO!”

It is only when taking its final steps toward the butcher that the sheep notices the sheers mounted on the wall and upon taking its final breath she remembers that the chill was not that bad after all.


July 6, 2015

When a loved one passes on, remember that it is merely like a tree branch that has split off from yours. While your branch continues to grow further, the one of your loved one stays in the past. She is still there, connected, just not part of your continuum, but forever present in your tree of existence. Should you find silence you might still feel her presence.