If I love a one for their narcissism and I dislike another for their narcissism then it must be said that I am yet unaware of what it is I actually like about the one and dislike about the other. Furthermore if I truly did make such a statement while sober, it must be said then also that narcissism on it’s own must be neither good nor bad. Perhaps, then, it is not the narcissist that we like and dislike but rather, perhaps, the genuine and disingenuous that we find at odds with each other. A genuine narcissist is always pleasing, whereas the disingenuous narcissist is merely a falsehood incarnate. Therefore we can arrive to the conclusion that in the end, as it is in all things, Truth is what is near and dear to our hearts, no matter the form it takes. And falsehood or deception that which we abhor and hold in great disdain.