November 16, 2015

Imagination and information must go hand in hand. An excess of the one with the absence of the other leads to infantile superstition. While an excess of the other with an absence of the one leads to feeble closed mindedness. Imagination may very well be the seed of thought but let wisdom be the arbiter of action.



November 7, 2015

The night we got the news about my sister’s passing, my five year old son was having a hard time going to bed. I could hear him crying so I went up to see what was going on.
I find him sitting up with his hands over his eyes, weeping.
“What’s wrong?” I ask.
“I’m sad about Auntie” .
“But she’s not gone” I tell him.
“Yes she is!” he whimpers, shedding tears.
“She’s not” I insist. “She’s still in the past”
“But how can I go to the past?” he asks.
“You don’t have to, she’s already with you. Imagine a tree. When the branch branches away, that’s like your Aunt. You’re still on the branch she came from, but your branch is still growing higher. That branch below is not gone. Auntie is still part of your tree, and if you find silence and think about her, you will feel her presence, because she’s still there.. connected.
His tears began to subside
“Be thankful that before our branch split away from hers that she knew you loved her very much and be thankful you knew she loved you very much. That is a very special thing for you both to know. So be thankful”
He stopped crying and gave me a hug.