November 23, 2016

There is no point in debating someone that is hypnotized. Spend your time wisely.



November 22, 2016

Any individual or organization that aims to strip you of your agency, be it physically or emotionally, is themselves an agent of the Devil. God is the giver of free will; the Devil is the thief that strips you from it. God is the lover of life and the Devil is the lover of death. Pick wisely, while you still can.


November 16, 2016

It is imperative that we bear witness to a great deception. That is, no matter how just your cause, should you ever associate yourself with a name, behold that deceivers will build you a fortress with your banner waving proudly to lure you in – “a gift!” they exclaim – “For your great cause.” But should you enter, beware, for only they have the key and know the inner workings of its haunted dungeons. Take heed never to associate yourself with a name or an emblem. Or you’ll be used as a prop and plaything for those that lust for power, and your cause, forever perverted.


November 14, 2016

Humanity’s lethargy waxes day in and day out as it invents new things for themselves and others to care about. They are distracted from the one and only thing that matters – their own souls. One layer of filth at a time clouds the minds of men and women. STOP! Or you will find yourselves forever buried in this grime of fiction.


November 12, 2016

How curious is it that upon humanity receiving an overabundance of information, many have rejected knowledge altogether and chosen abject ignorance in its stead to dwell in the dangerous caverns of their own imagination. Let them cast their shadows and dance themselves into extinction once again.


November 9, 2016

Beware oh fool that in the absence of information, your imagination will rule over your mind. So be wary of those that attempt to keep you misinformed, for your imagination will devour their words with great hunger for confirmations of fear.