Can Sin be Good?

Well first of all, sin is a man-made social construct. Of course it is. You don’t put a fish in jail for killing and eating other fish. Or even in the case of our closest relatives, the ape; when a man kills the head of a family we don’t reward him with alpha male status over that family. See, it’s very easy to identify what is a social construct and what is not by applying the question to other mammals. For instance male and female ducks are not assigned their sex… they’re born with them and their colorful feathers will inevitably show themselves. Such is the case for all mammals. Therefore, sexuality is not a social construct. The advent of gender fluidity, however is.

Ok so now that we have this figured out, let’s explore this concept of sin and whether or not sinning could ever be a good thing. First of all what does the word itself mean? Sin could be roughly defined as “the opposite of a good deed.” And since the opposite of “good” is “bad”, sin would therefore be a bad deed or the intentional omission of a good deed especially when needed (e.g. not stopping a bad action when being witness to it). Seems straightforward enough. But then you might find yourself asking:

What is good and what is bad?
It’s an important question, I once met with someone who told me she didn’t believe there was such a thing as good or bad. That these were merely social constructs that had no inherent meaning or validity. I strongly disagreed with her and did my best to explain why. In fact I can prove that there is such a thing as good and bad in the world and they can be defined easily without resorting to man made constructs.

First off, let’s admit that sin and virtues are indeed social constructs as I proved above, and perhaps the best social constructs ever devised by humans. These are ideas that took many thousands of years to define and refine and as such continue being perfected to this day. Many cultures around the world are still living with constructs from the Middle Ages (parts of the Middle East) and some are even stuck in tribal systems (parts of Africa and South America). It’s not surprising that cultures with the most modern social constructs are also those cultures that have rendered the inventions that will ultimately propel our species into other planets and star systems. In fact, I would argue that our ideas of virtue and sin are among the most important jewels of the intellect ever produced, for without their foundation, we wouldn’t have ever devised these life saving technologies like farming, electricity and computing. Just think of it, why would anyone have ever devoted the time to build a large farm if their neighbor could set it all on fire out of jealousy? Or kill the owner and claim the food for herself? Without the foundations of virtue and sin, these great things would have never emerged in our history.

So you’re probably wondering:
If sin and virtue are social constructs, then how is it possible that good and bad are not?
I think my definition earlier was a bit simplistic. See, virtue is the social construct that enables us to do good. Whereas sin is the social construct that enables us to do bad. So the construct is the tool. The good and bad are the action, verb, the result, the fruit.

So yes, I can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that good and bad are NOT social constructs because what is good and bad is not exclusive to humans only. It’s true to every living thing that has ever been. And it is quite simply this: Good is “to live” and bad is “to die”. Virtues are those things that allow humanity to multiply and prosper and sins are those things that lead to our demise and death. There are, of course, examples that are extreme like murder, and less extreme like abortion. And if decisions become difficult to discern good or bad from, (like that of a mother’s life being medically at risk from the pregnancy) the right answer is to save the mother at the expense of the child, because she is still able to produce life later on and also needs to care for the life she has already brought into the world and that of all the other people, friends and family that rely on her in her able adult life as a functioning member of her society.

So you see, no matter the circumstance, the formula works. What is good is what protects, nurtures and promotes human life in a manner that is noble and conducive to prosperity, peace and growth. And what is bad is what does the opposite. All of nature works this way. It’s the fundamental morality of life. Be with life, and you will be with light. Be with death and you will be with darkness.

But the Universe is always killing things. Does that mean the Universe is bad?
It’s not our place to tell the Universe what to do. Sins and virtues are social technologies humans created to help themselves prosper within this violent Universe. These aren’t tools to help the Universe. Trust me, the Universe doesn’t need our help!

I’m assuming then that you believe polygamy is better than monogamy?

No, because history has shown that boys born in polygamous families grow up to be violent and murderous. And that girls grow up to be oppressed by those men because that family structure doesn’t produce noble men. These conditions lead to more wars and death and diminish the quality of life. In other words you can’t be all about quantity in the absence of quality. Monogamy has proven itself to be the most effective method of raising bright minded and peaceful children because in such a system women select the men. In polygamy, men select their women. And let’s face it, women are far more likely to make a rational decision about picking a mate than a man is. Sadly women have also begun to forsake reason as of late, in their efforts to become like men.

So I can’t have kids. That means I’m bad?

No, but it would be bad if you wanted everybody to be like you and promoted it as the ideal way of life. Do you understand the difference? The universe doesn’t judge or care. Good and bad aren’t measures; they are directions, a compass by which we can guide our decisions and what we advocate to others.

Ugh! I hate you. I’m going to stop reading this crap.

Ok suit yourself. I WAS about to answer the original question. Can sin be good? I find this question to be fascinating. Because of course the answer is yes. But not for reasons you might expect. Of course, because as a social construct you have to first ask the question “who’s sin?” The sins as defined by the Nanti tribe in the Amazons? Or those of Catholic priests in the Vatican? Who’s sin can be good? When you can answer that question, you can then truly begin to find the flaws in social constructs and propose improvements that lead us to a more prosperous future as a society. I can already identify many sins in our modern western society that would be good. Worse still, I find many things championed as “virtue” but are actually harmful to humanity. Can you identify these?

Nine Months to Eternity

The instant a child is conceived inside the mother, the chemical reaction that takes place between the egg and sperm is such that it produces a chain reaction that in a matter of hours pervades through the entire female body. Similar to a moon colliding with a planet and sending a shock-wave that completely transforms the ecosystem. But rather than a physical and destructive impact, it is a chemical transformation that helps  Continue reading “Nine Months to Eternity”


Any individual or organization that aims to strip you of your agency, be it physically or emotionally, is themselves an agent of the Devil. God is the giver of free will; the Devil is the thief that strips you from it. God is the lover of life and the Devil is the lover of death. Pick wisely, while you still can.


It is imperative that we bear witness to a great deception. That is, no matter how just your cause, should you ever associate yourself with a name, behold that deceivers will build you a fortress with your banner waving proudly to lure you in – “a gift!” they exclaim – “For your great cause.” But should you enter, beware, for only they have the key and know the inner workings of its haunted dungeons. Take heed never to associate yourself with a name or an emblem. Or you’ll be used as a prop and plaything for those that lust for power, and your cause, forever perverted.


Humanity’s lethargy waxes day in and day out as it invents new things for themselves and others to care about. They are distracted from the one and only thing that matters – their own souls. One layer of filth at a time clouds the minds of men and women. STOP! Or you will find yourselves forever buried in this grime of fiction.


How curious is it that upon humanity receiving an overabundance of information, many have rejected knowledge altogether and chosen abject ignorance in its stead to dwell in the dangerous caverns of their own imagination. Let them cast their shadows and dance themselves into extinction once again.

The Death of Men and Women

Among the many tragedies befalling our modern western society is the war among the sexes; which is less a war and more a mutual surrender. A sexual amputation, if you will, of men and women; a dispelling of female and male goddesses; turning men into non-men and women into non-women; allowing themselves to become no more or less than a transport for organs, bodily fluids and muscle that gladly labors at the behest of their owners. And they cheer  “Let us <!–more–>be your slave and give us our milk oh succorer. Save us from ourselves, oh god of Government. I do not know what I do, for I am but a child in your care.”

This is the song they sing. The acidic song of victimhood and perpetual oppression. The song of displeasure with all that is good; giving away freedom for free goods; and valuing ugliness instead of beauty. A veneration of victims instead of heroes and taking pride in failure over our successes. Forgetting all too quickly, that what is free and unlabored, by definition, has no value. What value it has is merely illusory just like the empty pride they carry on their coward backs hunched over looking at their illuminated palms. Questing every hour for validation with their new red currency called a notification. The red coin that falls into the empty chamber that once contained their soul.

But like a setting red sun welcoming the black night, the nocturnal season must eventually pass and true light be restored. For no matter the tumult we endure on this earth, the sun remains unfettered. And so when time comes to pick up the pieces, it is lovers like myself that will be there to guide your step as you rebuild your future.

I do fear, however, that as sunrise approaches, dark clouds will be seeded with hate, malice and ignorance, and forever grow and anchor themselves deeply into our souls to form a perpetual canopy of darkness; Mechanizing the sexes for the benefit of the elite to fuel and fuck them.

Let a man be a man.

And let a woman be a woman.

At once! Before it’s too late!

Written by © 2016