All manner of rule must be inversely related to its size. For instance:

When I make decisions over my own body I am a totalitarian.
When we make decisions over our home with my spouse we are monarchists.
When, as a family, we make decisions with our children, we are communists.
When the tribe orchestrates these families, it is socialist.
Finally, if and when the tribe becomes a great nation, it must inevitably adopt free and open markets.

But there are those whom persist in extending their ego beyond the self and wish for socialism to take over these markets, so that communism can centrally control and prioritize production to then let monarchists rule once more through toxic totalitarian ideology.

They’ve already taken your land and your spouses. Next, they intend to confiscate your children. The cancer is metastasizing. You must resist them!

(From the Fractal Order by HC Mehdi)

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