March 31, 2017

Even in the information age, knowledge is still power! And therefore, when a sovereign state controls its education, therein can also be found the most profound buffoonery among its citizens.



March 26, 2017

There is only one lesson life is trying to teach all of us. And that is, to let go. Be it the joys of childhood to the freedoms of youth or the fading of beauty as we age. One way or another we must let go. And even if we don’t learn how, death will be our final teacher. Let go and find true happiness while you are still living.


March 21, 2017

A healthy spousal relationship is characterized by the practice of pleasing the partner. And a toxic relationship is one characterized by a partner that is only pleased by the displeasure of the other.
(From HC Mehdi’s Fractal Order)


March 21, 2017

Be like a peaceful lake. No matter the size of rock that falls into it, the ripples will fade to nothing and no lump will appear on its surface.

Why one should stay home

March 19, 2017

If you and your special other are raising children it is best for one of you to be a homemaker. It could be the man or the woman. How to pick? I say whoever has the most earning potential or can earn with greater ease should be out earning. And the one that can raise children with most ease should stay at home raising. Hopefully, if you are a parent, this compatibility question was first among your criteria when choosing a mate.

Please bear in mind that putting your children in school, daycare or in front of a television is not raising your children. Keeping a clean and safe environment is. Providing excellent sources of nutrition by cooking your own meals with healthy ingredients is. Having a garden that produces ingredients to cook with, even if it’s only in pots and involving your children in it as part of their education is. Teaching them how to clean, help with chores and eventually cook their own meals is. Integrating math, vocabulary, logic, and critical thinking into all these day to day activities, is. Teaching them how to relate and play with other people is. Reading good stories to them and teaching them how to write and read their own, is. Teaching them about hygiene, manners, how to dress, speak and conduct  themselves socially is. Teaching them how to overcome sadness, frustration, anger and all other human emotions that interfere with well-being, is. Teaching them how to speak, articulate ideas and arguments without resorting to psychological manipulation, is. Goodness, there is so much, I could go on! Maybe I’ll have a series later on dedicated to raising children.

It is no laughing matter to raise a child. And these things are best taught through the example and presence of a parent. Women are biologically, intellectually and spiritually superior to men in these areas of expertise. If the man, however, insists on being the homemaker, that’s fine but only if the wife can earn more with more ease than the man or perhaps she is simply not smart enough to raise children or has no motherly bone or instinct in her body.

Division of labor was the first economic principle discovered that helped human development and it began with the family. By the man and woman focusing on different areas of life, efficiencies were gained, even greater wealth produced and more prosperity left for their descendants. It is not a coincidence that in nations where families have been most intact over the course of centuries, that there is greater wealth and well-being there. And in nations where single parenthood is prevalent there is greater poverty and suffering. It is also not a coincidence that men statistically will earn more if they are the sole provider.  In other words, by the spouse taking charge of the home, the father gets to focus more of his energies into work and further increase his earning potential. I would imagine this also to be the case if the roles were reversed. The key is division of labor.

This is why socialists and communism strives to abolish the family unit, as it poses an inconvenience to those wishing to conquer by divvying up everything to their benefit.  But if you believe in playing your part, the music you will create together will be a marvel to those around you.


March 18, 2017

The question isn’t whether you believe or don’t believe in God. The question is, are you searching for God? And if not, then why not?


March 13, 2017

You don’t need to trap the wind, just let it flow against your sails and trust more wind is coming.


March 10, 2017

Ancient truths lie hidden but woven into our language. Beware of those wishing to change the fundamental meaning of words. A woman is born with a womb. Don’t let the devil claim your reproductive powers also.


March 6, 2017

Love is energy. Too much will destroy you. Too little will starve you. Give and receive just the right amount and you’ll be happy.


March 5, 2017

A weapon of war used by enemy sympathizers within government to instigate grievances among the poor as a way of justifying wealth confiscation and produce the further degradation and bankruptcy of its own nation.