There are two kinds of belief systems.

One which aims to benefit the individual
and another which aims to benefit the collective.

The former praises the love of self
while the latter the abnegation of self.

The former praises authenticity
while the latter the art of pretend.

The former brings true happiness
while the latter how to feign it.

The former brings about spiritual diversity
while the latter seeks to restrain it.

The former seeks to grant you agency
while the latter seeks to strip you from it.

The former rewards the living
while the latter claims to reward the dead.

The former speeds your step
while the latter teaches you to tread with fear.

The former gives you tools
while the latter aims to make you a tool.

The former welcomes all
while the latter only those that fall in line.

The former dismisses none
while the latter teaches whom to shun.

The former helps you profit
while the latter profits from you.

The former builds you up
while the latter raises its own temples.

The former helps you see
while the latter fuels your imagination.

The former praises your senses
while the latter how to dull them.

The former shows you how to overcome your challenges
while the latter how to become comfortable with them.

The former sees suffering as a bad thing
while the latter sees suffering as a blessing.

The former believes in celebrating life
while the latter celebrates its martyrs.

The former praises originality
while the latter praises conformity.

Be one, or the other.
Be hot, or cold.
Be in, or out.
Be here, or there.
Be or don’t be!

But don’t be like most.
Most are as Luke said.
Most are ambiguous.
Most are confused.
Most are disingenuous.
Most are lost.
Most are unsure.
Most are hypocritical.
Most are useless.
Useless to themselves.
And useless to the collective.

Pick your path.
And be honest.

I pick the former for I believe a forest is most beautiful when each tree does its best.
Does its best to grow.
Does its best to strive.
Does its best to be.
Only then will it bear good fruits.
Only then will it render its own perfections.
Only then will it be as beautiful as it can be.
Only then will the collective be a true manifestation of the bounteous beauty that is the human spirit and the forest will be truly a marvel.

If you long to be an ant in an ant colony, serving at the behest of a single queen, then pick the latter and embrace your submission with pride and with honesty.

We will be outside admiring your creations from afar. All we ask is that you let us be and learn to appreciate what we have to offer, also.

And while we know we will never be welcome there as we are, rest assured you will always be welcome here as you truly are.

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