It is only those that are selfish, claiming to be selfless, that bring about the worst of problems in the world. True selfishness, is pure and good.  True selflessness, is also pure and good.  True is good. And true is the truth.  Just like good, is good.  Stop the lies!


Religions and movements are for those that haven’t the will to be truly individual. It preys on those that willingly submit themselves to the will of another in order to find purpose and meaning in their life. This is why free-will must be among the first qualities to be destroyed in any follower. But beware how carefully they do this by presenting you with meaningless options so that you are unaware of the value that is being stolen from you.


If you can find it in yourself, you will never need to travel the world turning brick and stone looking for it. Be content, so there are stones left to turn for your children, lest you rob them of the chance to learn this lesson also.


The lesson of the 21st century is that of morbid Christian generosity.  If a species is unable to live, humans seek to keep it alive and perpetuate its suffering. If a people are impoverished, humans seek to give them money and food such that the poorest societies multiply and grow in numbers.  If persons are ailing, humans seek to extend their heart beats even if they will never regain a life of their own. Stop this madness! If you want to help someone, let it be someone within your own arm’s reach. Only then will the entire world be in good hands.  If you fail to learn this lesson, your generosity will turn into a cancer.


Light illumines only because we have eyes. Sound amplifies only because we have ears. In truth, light and sound are no more different than red and green. They are merely distances on a spectrum seen as different only because we have a body that divides them through the sense perceptions. Free yourself from these and you will free yourself from the body. Free yourself from the body and you will become one with the cosmos. Become one with the cosmos and you will inhale with the sunrise and exhale with the sunset. Such will be the passage of time.