The Victim Gene

For the past ten or so years I’ve been at once fascinated and yet alarmed by the toxic veneration people have for victims in society. Other critics on the topic have coined terms such as “victim-classes” or “victimhood Olympics” when debating the subject. I’ve also focused a lot of mental cycles in trying to decrypt where this human tendency comes from as I’ve even noticed it in myself. Especially in sports where I’ll find myself always rooting for the losing team and can find myself hating both teams throughout the course of a single game depending on who’s losing. It goes to show victim-veneration is an unprincipled stance which will inevitably lead to inconsistent behaviors and outcomes.  I’ve wondered if there is a victimhood gene in humans due to historical oppression EVERYONE has gone through at some time or another throughout “civilized” history. This notion of “freedom” that we have in the United States is only a recent historical phenomena in human affairs and perhaps only a momentary experimental blip in history. Because sadly, we are quickly eroding our way back to serfdom with “social justice” warriors at the helm.

I am convinced that it must be so (having a victimhood gene) because I also see evidence of other correlating human behaviors. For instance: the tendency people have to remain silent when an authority figure is being a bully. Just think of it. If a King did something you objected too, would you stand up in the town square and complain about it loudly? No, because your survival instincts (or memories passed on through your genetics) have trained you to remain quiet so that you don’t get guillotined, or ostracized and exiled by your tribe. This is fundamentally why one of the innovative rights that was outlined in the constitution is that of the freedom of assembly. Because if people aren’t given the freedom to voice their grievances to each other they will go on quietly thinking it is only they themselves that notice the infraction and choose to remain silent rather than risk voicing themselves in solitude. Recent leftists terminologies like “hate speech” have been weaponized to silence people and to limit people’s right of assembly which is a horrid step in the opposite direction.

I recall in my own life falling prey to the victimhood gene. For instance, I did terribly with tests in school. And when I failed I would always blame the fact that the test was written in such a way that I didn’t ever understand the question clearly. Or that the questions being asked were “unfair.” If an art teacher gave me a poor score, I’d blame it on the fact that she just “didn’t like me” or “had something against me.” In effect, I would never take personal responsibility. This is typical of children. Catch a child eating out of the cookie jar, and the child with its mouth full will instinctively deny the accusation (as crumbs pour out the corners of her mouth) or point at a sibling for putting her up to it. Outsourcing responsibility is classic child-like behavior. But what is alarming is the fact that today’s generation carries on this tendency long into adulthood. And I mean, long into their thirties and forties. It’s quite disturbing actually. It might be why this generation is eager to fight causes on behalf of other people as it is easier to complain on behalf of others rather than instilling real change in one’s own life.

I used to teach at a couple art colleges. And I did so from the year 2004-2015. A solid decade of teaching and dealing with the pre to post millennial generation. I actually witnessed the change with my own eyes. And I mean REALLY witnessed the change in attitude among students over the course of that time period. One of the things I noticed was that good teachers were gradually “weeded” out of their profession. Sort of an inverse-selection process. Like the opposite of evolution. And the reason, as far as I could tell, was due to schools giving students the power to select their teachers by reviews, complaints, student governing bodies, etc. I think it’s the same reason “journalists” in mainstream media are all lame vanilla talking heads. Because anybody that tried to do actual journalism was asked to resign. It’s a sort of negative selection process. This is fundamentally what happened to me in 2015. With a decade of experience, I had never been so good at teaching as I was that year. I was really feeling like those 10,000 hours had finally kicked in. And BAM, a millennial feminist in the class didn’t like my high expectations, sabotaged me by collecting grievances from all those that were failing my class (she was getting straight A’s mind you) and filed repeated formal complaints, bypassing protocol and going directly to the dean. I had no idea she had any grievances as she never voiced them to me directly.

Now if we analyze this, we could go back in time and see that in fact there are other factors at play. Most of these kids were statistically raised by a single parent. I was also blown away, by how many of them were on prescribed medication or had notes from doctors regarding this or that learning disability or mental health condition. If we track all this back further we see that the welfare state has played a big role by essentially paying mothers to divorce their husbands and finally see how government involvement screwed things up further by freely giving out student loans, which bloated schools with students that had no aptitude or drive to study what they were enrolled in until standards were lowered to crap levels, leaving us with students that trigger easily and need safe spaces.


In the end, what this country has been left with is a “failed to launch” generation that sees little value in the notion of earning a living but rather feels entitled to privileges just for being a semi-sentient biped. It’s no wonder companies like Amazon and Microsoft are hiring people from India in droves. And construction companies are hiring battalions of Mexican construction workers, brick layers, craftsmen and makers. Massage, beauty salons and spas are being taken care of by South Koreans and Chinese immigrants while tech manufacturing is largely already taken care of in Japan. Consequently the wealthiest Americans in the US are now Asians (which includes Indians). So much for systemic racism. Incidentally Asians are the most underrepresented racial group in US politics, so there goes the theory that oppression is inversely related to political representation.

But why are Asians the most wealthy? Because they thrive at the most intellectually rigorous jobs (programming, tech, sciences, business) and as basic economics teaches us, the harder it is to find someone to do a particular job, the higher that job will pay. In essence, they dominate the business and STEM fields. And guess what, their public education system doesn’t have electronic smart white boards with a computer for every child. But what do Americans do? They complain about systemic oppression in the United States as the root cause and pour more money into its failed public education system to grow the cancer that has gotten us to where we are today.  It’s like a doctor prescribing a cream for your rash, only to then increase the dose if the rash got worse after applying it. Maybe instead, they should take a look at India and find out why people there are able to do jobs at Microsoft here, when they are among the most impoverished nations on planet earth.


But let me be clear. Victims do exist in society and we should always be on the alert should individuals or groups of people be oppressed or bullied. But the prevalent fixation most people have these days on, they themselves, being victims (especially adults living in the freest and wealthiest nation on Earth) has gotten out of hand. Especially when children are to this day the greatest victims of all and yet remain perpetually ignored.  Why? Because children don’t vote, that’s why!  Grievance seeking, the liberal favorite pass-time, is the primary way by which they fuel government growth. And as such, the focus will always be those groups that can be capitalized on in some way.    And yet to this day, young boys and girls are beaten and sexually assaulted daily. These are the real victims of society. And I have news for you, the children being victimized aren’t being hurt because of their race, gender, political ideology, sex or otherwise. They are merely being oppressed because they’re small and helpless and they’re unattended to because they can’t serve to grow government or line the pockets of politicians.

The liberal message is always “you are oppressed but I’m here to save you.” And so like all human appetites, there is always going to be a business there emerging to capitalize on said grievances. Lately, government has been the greatest profiteer of human grievances through liberalism which I would loosely define as a movement that has as its aim to always have a grievance by which to justify the growth of government as its only solving agent.

But focusing on one’s own grievances is not enough for the millenial generation. They must build up a false sense of greatness within themselves by fighting on behalf of others being oppressed in society. The ability to morally posture your objection via social media, shows everyone in your social circle that you are a warrior for justice, without even needing to lift a finger or get off your chair. You can earn ethics and morality points by typing a status update on twitter and moments later go back to finding pokemon in your livingroom and feel like you’ve made a change in the world.  Americans have become so morally bankrupt, they will gladly jump at any opportunity to present themselves otherwise, even if it involves spending money on another charity that capitalizes on people’s problems.

It’s no surprise underemployment and homelessness are on the rise, while the US continues to brain-drain other nations around the world from their human resources. Perhaps India wouldn’t be so impoverished, if their smartest people didn’t move to the US. And actually, it won’t be long before that happens. The US is riding a wave of wealth that was generated by hard working Americans from the late 19th century and early 20th century when the industrial revolution began. Once that wealth wave is over (and it’s coming quickly), nations around the world will be offering jobs to their own intelligent and hard working citizens while the US will be left with safe spaces and social justice warriors turning to cannibalism.

Unless people start taking personal responsibility, the future for the United States looks abysismlly dim. Stop it with your veneration of victims and focus on yourself for a change. Get your act together and prosper. The opportunities have never been greater and your competition has never been weaker. Go out and get what you want. People are flying, sailing and illegally climbing over walls to take what is there readily available next door to you. Don’t be a fool and miss this opportunity!

Grow up millennials!

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