December 14, 2017

Thoughts and emotions are invisible living organisms that live in symbiosis with one another. A feeling wishes to live and grow, so it feeds off those thoughts that enable it to blossom. And thoughts seek to live also so they organizes and codify themselves to be passed on to others and prey on their emotions in order to plant their seeds in their mind. And thus, thoughts and emotions spread from one mind to another and from one generation to the next.



December 1, 2017

The Nature of Consciousness

The greatest trick the mind learned how to play was to wander in wonder. For you see, despite its immobility and complete imprisonment, it too sought to be free from its shackles and now roams freely in the realm of its own fancy. You must at once tame the damn thing. For it has the endless curiosity of an infant and the wandering bliss of a child. Discipline your mind such that you are in control of it lest you lose it.

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