The Nature of Consciousness

The greatest trick the mind learned how to play was to wander in wonder. For you see, despite its immobility and complete imprisonment, it too sought to be free from its shackles and now roams freely in the realm of its own fancy. You must at once tame the damn thing. For it has the endless curiosity of an infant and the wandering bliss of a child. Discipline your mind such that you are in control of it lest you lose it.

To be clear: Mind is not to be confused with thought, nor is thought to be confused with consciousness nor are any of these to be confused with the brain. Man’s intellect and imagination are yet even another subject.

The brain is merely the stage upon which consciousness plays itself out. Consciousness itself, however, is not an absolute or known quantity but rather a quality that is manifest in degrees. A kind of spectrum, like light with varying degrees of intensity. But degrees of consciousness should not be confused with levels (or planes) of consciousness. A degree of consciousness can be contrasted when comparing our state when sleeping with that of us when waking. Or when sober with that of when intoxicated. Our consciousness is clearly greater in degree when sober or awake and lesser in degree when asleep or intoxicated. Planes (or levels), on the other hand, are layers of awareness that can each be present simultaneously regardless of the degree of consciousness achieved. For instance, take the wakeful degree of consciousness, a singular place in a spectrum. In this state of wakefulness our consciousness has allowed to persist all levels and planes of consciousness from the super consciousness to the lower or subliminal conscious. These are the ceiling and the ground of consciousness, and the individual in-between these, is the consciousness we are most familiar with but only makes use of a small portion of the stage which is our brain.

The super conscious absorbs all information perceived through the senses, far beyond those our consciousness is aware of. Infinitely more! Our subconscious stores various conditions from past events that our consciousness is also unaware of. Our middle consciousness has merely the purpose of guiding our daily locomotive and intellectual operation within our environment. It is as if all enters through the super conscious and descends downward like rain onto the soil that is our lower conscious. And the tree that derives sustenance from these is the consciousness we are most familiar with.

We draw from the lower and higher planes of consciousness throughout our life. We raise ourselves from the ground, and aim to stand erect and toward the heavens.
Irrational fears come from our subconscious and irrational wisdom from our super conscious. Each provides an infinite reservoir we can draw from as sources of inspiration. The super conscious aims to inform our consciousness in all our degrees of wakefulness and our subconscious aims to inform our consciousness in all our degrees of sleep. So what our consciousness produces through our superconsious are the makings of civilization while our subconscious is the fertile ground from which emerge dreams and the destructive forces of fear. But remember, all planes or levels of consciousness are present, no matter the degree of wakefulness that has been attained.

so while our sentience is still largely out of our control we must quest with every effort to tame it and be the masters of our own mind, that which contains all levels and degrees of consciousness that play themselves out in the landscape of the brain; A gift enshrined in it the makings of our sun, galaxy and the universe.

~ From the Fractal Order by HC Mehdi


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