What a shame that during a time when stories can (and are) proliferated with ease, we’ve chosen to tell mindless fiction instead of lessons learned from the past. Beware of finding yourselves teaching lessons that were never meant to be learned, for you will only build through them, a future (and a generation) so vapid, it will find no recourse but to live synthetically and forget what it means to be human.

How to forgive

She asked me “but how can I forgive her.”   I sighed because I didn’t know the answer.  “That’s a tough one” was all I could say.

But the question tossed and turned in my head for hours. How does one forgive someone that has caused so much pain and suffering to us? Then it dawned on me: Only when we overcome the pain ourselves and shed all the emotional scars they’ve left us and furthermore only when we are able to rise above it all and stand triumphant in our own goals and are even able to result and emerge a better person for it all, will forgiving come naturally. I mean of course!  So how do we let go of the infliction someone has bared upon us, then?

It seems, therefore, there are many steps toward forgiving those that have traumatized us or that have inflicted harm upon us. The first step is to properly identifying who the assailant was and what it was exactly they did wrong.  You can’t forgive someone if you don’t know whom or for what to forgive. Once you’ve identified the person, look inside yourself and find all the evidence that person has left inside of you and discard all the bad things you learned from them. Purge them from your soul. If you can do so selectively by retaining all the good things they brought into your life, you’ll be even better for it.

Once identifying the problem and purging it from you is done, you will be able to move forward without the anchors and shackles they’ve placed around you.  Yes, they placed these shackles on you but only you are holding onto them. Free yourself and rid them of the power you’ve given them to hold you back.

Doing so will make you feel like a ship raising its sails and in time you’ll be soaring.

Selfish Love

I thought i had learned all my lessons on love. But yesterday, a friend helped me learn a new one. I used to think that loving someone selfishly was not true love. But that is not the case. It’s only when that selfishness manifests itself in hate toward your beloved that you know your love is only selfish and therefore solely untrue. So for instance, if your beloved is quick to hate you, then there is no love there for you, not really; just a utilitarian need. And once that need is fulfilled she will find ways of dispose of you soon after. Be it by ignoring you or threatening you.

In order for this love to be preserved you must take frequent steps to make it known to your beloved the things you can provide and do for her. Because as soon as a man comes along with a bit more muscle, a bit more money and a bit more opportunity, she will turn her back to you and pretend like you both never met. She may also find ways of turning to hate and threaten you.  She may even tell you the truth and explain how you’re not enough for her, but this is rarely the case, because most women that like hollowing men out, refuse to take responsibility for the men they leave broken.