What does it mean when a woman would rather lie to a man in order to trick him into loving her? Why would she not prefer to be honest and know that he loves her for who she is? What does this mean, or say about her?

And let’s say the man does uncover her true self and proves to love her for who she is, but she doesn’t want to accept it and therefore continues to tell the lies so she can continue to think he loves the persona she portrays? What does this mean, or say about her?

Why would she insist on being loved for something she is not, despite knowing, he loves her for exactly who she is? Why is she so afraid of her true self being loved?

It’s like someone wearing a mask and believing the person that loves her, does so, because he thinks the mask is her actual face, even though he can clearly tell she’s wearing a mask and loves the woman behind it.

Perhaps the woman is preemptively protecting herself from her fear of abandonment. Because if the man leaves her, she will in this way, never feel like it was her actual self that was being abandoned.

The only thing I know for certain is that if the woman continues to deny her true self being loved by this man, he will certainly leave her. No man wishes to love a woman that does not wish to accept the love as it’s intended to be accepted. And even if she’s fooled him into believing the mask is real, he will inevitably leave her also.

Perhaps this is how the things we fear the most become the prophecies we ultimately bring to fulfillment.


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