Those whom take pride in their gender but scorn those whom don’t consider them to be the same are playing a mind control game that leverages human empathy to mechanize the sexes; eliminating differences and therefore anything to be proud of. Differences are ultimately what gives the human experience entropy and as such provides the potential for emergence and action. Eliminate your differences and you will be no different than a slave.


It is incumbent upon all that are intelligent enough to be frightened into silence, to also be brave enough to speak forthwith.  This is the mandate of all good men that wish to better themselves and the world around them.


Just like there are those born with impairments or deformities of the body, the same can also be true of the brain and even the mind.  For instance, those that suffer from borderline, bipolar, schizophrenia, clinical narcissism (and other redundantly labeled groupings of symptoms),  all suffer from occasional or persistent cognitive impairment tied to their mental faculty of judgement.   This means they are unable to discern right from wrong, is from isn’t,  or good from bad. This is why individuals such as these, when left to their own devices, will end up leading very self-destructive lives, because destruction is the natural order of things, just like falling down (and not up) is the nature of gravity. It is only out of healthy cognition and the ability to discern and judge clearly, that emerges cultural, moral and structural order.   It is only out of a healthy body, that one can stand, walk and run. Even in animals, healthy cognition is needed to promote physical and reproductive health. But these individuals, lack even that level of discernment.   Those that suffer from the inability to discern and judge, will ultimately prefer to slumber and vanish into darkness. The only hope they have is if they develop the ability to surrender and humble themselves before a loving care taker, should they have the good fortune to find such a one and sufficient cognition to enable themselves to do so.


She whom behaves because others are watching, is misbehaving all the same.

She whom behaves despite nobody watching, because she is ashamed, is still misbehaving.

Only she whom is shameless, and behaves with excellence despite nobody watching, exhibits the quality of a master whom has truly found the light and will never misbehave.


If a girl loses her father at a young age, she will attempt to manufacture him out of the male partners she brings into her life. Just like if a boy loses his mother at a young age, he will attempt to manufacture her out of the women he brings into his. This is why all children raised by a single and absent parent will be unlikely to ever form a healthy pair-bond, especially if the absent one is of the attracted sex and furthermore if they are remembered to have abusive tendencies.