Borderline disorder refers to those showing signs of being on the edge of psychosis. As such they will at times behave perfectly normal, but at others exhibit completely abhorrent, self destructive and perversely paranoid behaviors. Every patient is different. For instance, some may fall into psychotic episodes once a year, while others may do so once a week. The triggers may vary but a common thread seems to be childhood trauma that has also become a core part of the patient’s identity. It is important to note, that the psychotic episodes are reserved only for someone in their inner circle and nobody else. Therefore, if someone, such as a mail person, were to knock on the door amidst a psychotic episode, the patient would be able to immediately regain their composure so as to give no indication to the outside world that there is anything wrong with them. For this reason, therapy is of no use to someone suffering from this condition.

Given the patient’s paranoic ability to imagine things, it’s also quite possible Continue reading “Borderline”


If a star were to become extinguished, beneath the flames would be exposed the same patterns seen on the human brain. It would become even more evidently clear then that the sun is the wellspring of consciousness and that life itself is mere imitation of its maker; An aspiration on the part of all living things to become sun-like, themselves each a wellspring of energy and a draw to the attention of others.

It is consciousness, in fact, that is the fundamental aspiration of life. Awareness, awakeness, appearance, acquiescence, acknowledgement, aliveness, aloftness, alertness, attentiveness, and all aspects of alma.

This is why the greatest sin is to dull and numb the senses and the greatest virtue is to seek a state of wakefulness and attentiveness. all other sins and virtues fall within these two extremes; truth on one extreme and falsehood on the other.

A virtuous person, therefore will always be in a state of giving, whereas a sinful person will always be in a state of taking. Do not assume then that by becoming a giver you will consequently become virtuous, but rather that by becoming virtuous, you will inevitably become a giver without even noticing the act itself.

All those able to give without loss, will live eternally.

~ From The Fractal Order by HC Mehdi


Our personhood is like a flock of sheep under the guide of a single shepherd. In this analogy, each sheep is an attribute of our person. There is the sheep that is responsible for processing shame through which ones own behavior is moderated. The one that processes justice and entitlement, through which other people’s behavior is kept in check. There is the one that fashions itself as a wizard and processes beliefs, superstitions and threads coincidences into strings of meaning. Hundreds of other sheep such as these make up our personality. A split personality, therfore, is merely a one who’s shepherd is overrun by the sheep, perhaps even bullied by them. Each taking their own turn to fashion themselves as the shepherd and leader of the flock. To solve this problem, the shepherd must be graced with an assistant and helper from the external world. This person must be her advocate and build fences around the sheep in order to contain them until control is given back to the shepherd. ~ From The Fractal Order By HC Mehdi –


A depressed and morbid sense of self-worth for an attractive woman can lead to an addiction to approval.  In such a woman, even when married, she will present herself as readily available to men that pursue her.  Even willing to sleep with and satisfy men sexually that she cares little for, just for the small dose of validation she gets from their pleasure.   Even prostitutes value themselves more than such a woman, for they at least impose a fee for such a service.  But still, it is not the life of a prostitute that causes a beautiful woman to be depressed and battered. It is the life of a depressed and battered beautiful woman that leads her into a life of prostitution.  Remember that girls haven’t the natural ability that men have developed through natural selection to forget trauma.  Take special care, then, with how you raise your daughters.


Those whom were victims resist speaking of their stories, for they are so joyful to be free from their shackles that they have no intention of wasting time and energy ruminating over a past they are now free from.

Those, however, whom freely and with eagerness share their victim story are likely to be psychopaths wanting to capitalize on the empathy of their listener to lure them in for their own selfish gain.

Be attentive, then, for the real victims are among you, but are quietly carrying with their lives so as to not be a burden to others. Be loving to them, instead.


Take much and give little and the universe will seek to extinguish your life.

Give much and take little and the universe will mourn your death.

Experience loss with every gesture and you will live shortly.

Be infinitely generous without feeling any loss and you will live eternally.