Give resource to the poor and, over time, you will produce a society with more poor people to feed.  Instead, focus on granting opportunities to those wanting of it and then let resource be rewarded to those that earn it, no matter where they came from. Only then will you create a noble society of creators and not of takers.


Men and women may engage in a variety of disciplines based on their inherent and acquired capacities. Some of these include the likes of labor disciplines, mechanical and surgical tasks, prescriptive schools of thought, intuitive, perceptive and imaginative, spiritual and energetic and so on.   A variety of mechanical and surgical disciplines can be taught and inculcated from a mentor to a pupil while on the opposite side of the spectrum, such disciplines as perceptive and intuitive therapies can only blossom specifically in those best suited for such tasks. Therefore, for some disciplines, education can be like the foundation to a building, while for other disciplines, education must only be present like light and shade to a flower. Some things must be built while others must be simply allowed to blossom.  Let your education system define all disciplines and you’ll see how all that is beautiful will quickly whither away before your eyes.


If a child only receives attention from their parents when s/he is scolded, then the child will grow into adulthood with a predisposition toward behaving badly with all their close relationships.  This is a subconscious attempt on the part of the grown child to fill the void of proper attention that should have been given to him or her at a very young age.


The pursuits of post-modernism, while noble in their attempts to venerate the individual, have failed to describe such veneration without also destroying classifications useful to the functioning of society. One such consequence is the destruction of the family – our most precious and noble economic unit. The challenge facing philosophers today, therefore, is finding the balance between venerating the individual without compromising the traditional monogamous family. For more on this, read: The Fractal Order


Narcissists haven’t the capacity to love. They only know what it is like to need approval. Therefore, any illusion of love you feel from them will be immediately dispelled moments after approval comes to them from someone else.

She will even dispose of an entire social group of friends, ignore them and pretend you never even met simply upon encountering a newer group that better serves her validation needs. To a narcissist you are no more than a step on a ladder to be stepped on and forgotten.


If everything means something different to someone else, then the thing itself inherently has no true meaning other than that which is assigned to it. Without meaning, however, we would not know how to behave relative to our surroundings. In that sense, life is very meaningable and all actions follow accordingly to the form it takes in our mind.  Therefore if you would like to change your behaviors, first change the meaning you assign to your life and those around you and the behaviors will follow out of their own accord with very little effort on your part.


In order to identify what something means to someone else (or even you) all you need to look at are their behaviors. For instance, if a woman claims to love a man, but consequently has shunned all the relationships with her friends and family she knew before him, then it is likely all he is to her is an escape raft.  She may treat him like a prince in shining armor, but only as long as he keeps her away from the dragon that is her past.