Every time you give something a name, you create a new identity. And every time you create a new identity, you further divide the world in the mind of humanity. True and good knowledge doesn’t come from books but from pristine sense perceptions. Therefore, all good science must devote the greater of its efforts to enhancing our sense perceptions such that conclusions can rest in the minds of every observer and not at the behest of publishers.


You may very well take pride in how little judgement you pass over others, but this is no virtue if it is only so because you think little of yourself. This combination of traits will only attract difficult people to your bed. Instead, think of yourself as great and think of others as great also. That way when you come across someone that is unquestionably greater than you, you will seek to marry them instead.


The religions of the world have been as giant sea vessels to the human enterprise. The seekers among us have chosen to sail among them in small vessels of our own, risking the elements for the benefit of exchange between all manner of people and the sharing of good and peaceful tidings.


Being one that gives but does not like receiving is not worthy of giving.
Being one that receives but does not like to give, is not worthy of receiving.

For only those that can give and receive with perfect ease and comfort, can it be said are in balance and worthy of each.


Father’s help shape their son’s identities. At first, they present themselves as caregivers and protectors and therefore the child forms the identity of a dependent. Later, the father must bring the child with him to follow and shadow him in his work and therefore then the child forms the identity of an able and capable assistant. Later, the father must assign and delegate authority to the boy, so that in time the boy becomes a man. In this way, the father helps shape the identity of his son and in time must help shape the identity of a man into that of a father. Therefore, when your sons have children of their own, it is of utmost importance that you foster in them the identity of fatherhood so that the cycle of upbringing is complete. If you don’t attribute praise to your sons for their children, then you steal from them the identity of fatherhood, and your sons may fail to anchor themselves in their family and continue to wander in wonder, like a child.


Restoring balance and flow is central to healing the body and mind. As a healer your hands must be cold when attempting to cool parts of the patients body and warm when attempting to heat them up. No one chakra should be warmer than another when your session is over. Changing the temperature of your hands may come naturally to you or through practice but rest assured that doing so is among the basic competencies of any healer.

See, the body is in a perpetual state of healing itself because maladies are constantly trying to infiltrate the human frame. Therefore, any body that is in a perpetual state of imbalance will be devoting its resources to reinstating the balance. If, as a healer, you are able to restore outward balance for the patient, then he or she may be able to devote its resources fully to restoring balance within.

When imbalances persists, diseases form.


Being tolerant and open to people’s differences doesn’t mean one is not allowed to have a preference. To require tolerance for yourself while simultaneously policing the preferences of others, is in and of itself the opposite of tolerance and will only serve as an act to sequester your freedom and eliminate the choices you claim to protect.