Father’s help shape their son’s identities. At first, they present themselves as caregivers and protectors and therefore the child forms the identity of a dependent. Later, the father must bring the child with him to follow and shadow him in his work and therefore then the child forms the identity of an able and capable assistant. Later, the father must assign and delegate authority to the boy, so that in time the boy becomes a man. In this way, the father helps shape the identity of his son and in time must help shape the identity of a man into that of a father. Therefore, when your sons have children of their own, it is of utmost importance that you foster in them the identity of fatherhood so that the cycle of upbringing is complete. If you don’t attribute praise to your sons for their children, then you steal from them the identity of fatherhood, and your sons may fail to anchor themselves in their family and continue to wander in wonder, like a child.

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