When a proper woman assesses a man she sees him now, where he came from, where he is going in life and what he will leave behind after he dies. A woman sees all this only moments after meeting him. This is because ultimately what the human female biology wants is not the man but what he can provide her and leave behind for her and her offspring. These impulses are mostly subconscious on the part of women and it is her absence of self-knowledge that may lead her behavior to come across as cold, manipulative and calculated. But, should the woman know herself fully; that is to say, evolutionarily, she can then learn to carry her perfections and imperfections with grace, purpose and dignity.

Men have historically and evolutionarily been the disposable class as they often died long before their female partners (and many before even getting to have a partner) due to the hazards of hunting and battle.

Consequently, women have been evolutionarily conditioned to anticipate only a temporary appearance from their male partners. This is why upon approaching modern middle age – even in happy marriages- the woman will start to feel unease. She might even begin to treat her man as if he will vanish at any moment. Distrust arises on her part and resentment on his. This will often lead to the dissolution of the marriage through a series of events caused by these evolutionarily conditioned behaviors and insecurities.

Know thyself and you will know how to avoid your self.

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