The Responsibility of Women

Women of the world, hear this!

Men are conditioned to go where they are most needed. If you want a man as a husband, make it evident to him this is the only reason you are getting to know him. If you marry him and want him to be a good husband, make it evident to him, in as many ways you can, that the role he plays as your husband is important to you and why. If you have children and want him to be a good father, never miss the opportunity to tell him how important his role is to your children and repeatedly show him how much you will trust them in his care and how much you are willing to count on him to be their provider, protector, educator and care giver. And if your children grow up, be sure to always express the respect you feel for their father by never undermining the authority and responsibility you’ve given him.

But women of the world, if you continue to tell men that all you need them for is attention, rest assured you will gladly get it. And if you keep telling them all you need are a few drinks, some clothing and a good time, rest assured they will give it to you also. And if you should manage to move in with one of them and in many ways tell him you don’t really need him around, rest assured he will seek others that need him more. And if you should manage to have children and insist on ridding him of any fatherly responsibilities, rest assured you will finally succeed in pushing him away if you haven’t already. Worst of all, you will let everything that is toxic about you be the one lesson your children take away from you into adulthood, into their relationships and into the world and thus you will take us further into chaos.


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