When a wave extends outward it displaces but does not necessarily move water from crest to crest. Likewise the you now is not the you of yesterday or the you of tomorrow. But the choices you make will either help or ruin the you that follows. Choose wisely.


Humans are creatures that wrestle between choosing to be driven by their biology vs their philosophical principles. As of late, humans have become primarily philosophical creatures with biological tendencies seen as mostly an inconvenience along for the ride. The power of such a paradigm is that it could lead to our premature demise or extend the existence of our species into perpetuity. In my estimation, only when our philosophy reaches a state of harmony with our biology will we truly prosper and become a beautiful species. But if we mechanize ourselves, we will just become a virus in the galaxy.


To say something becomes popular today and then it is no longer tomorrow, is a misuse of the word. What you are observing is merely manufactured popularity, nothing more. This is a top down phenomena. Popularity in its truest sense is a bottom up phenomena. We have even let them replace this word by calling it “viral” instead which is an insult to democracy. Don’t let anyone make such perverse changes to your language.


Life is constantly responding to vibration and attempting to express in its own way a form that agrees with said frequency. This is why beauty is fundamentally the achievance of resonance, with one part being a response to cosmic forms and another to individual manifestation. There is yet a third pre-requisite for beauty which is the attainment of an alignment with its own frequency. Once this third is achieved and it is achieved last, the path toward individual perfection and beauty is accelerated exponentially until reaching the zenith of its potential.


Just like it is with a body of water, only when you find absolute serenity within, can you see the world reflected therein. But beware that the more still your lake becomes, the easier it is for it to become disturbed. Therefore serenity is only a first step. Next you must take your serenity and become thick, like honey, lest you become molten like metal or hardened like ice. In all three of these states will you see clearly but in only one will you be goodly. Goodly means to convert every unit you consume into two or more units that you leave behind. Those who take but leave less behind are of the opposite nature. This is why those with wisdom whom see clearly yet leave little behind will either freeze things into stillness or burn things down into dust.


While we should tolerate and even welcome criticism of religious thought and tradition we must also be fair and acknowledge that religion has been one of the greatest drivers for human excellence over the vast majority of history. Why else would an artist spend one thousand hours on something they are only getting paid ten hours to do? Why else, if it were not for their devotion to the cause driving their creation? This capitalization of inspiration extended itself to all aspects of life including the sciences but has largely diminished at the turn of the 20th century. And because of it we have now become a society that largely wants convenience over quality and flavor over nutrition. As our devotion to God has ceased, so has our dedication and affinity to excellence been atrophied. Competition is now the only thing left to preserve human grace and excellence. Let us not forgo that also, but rather try to embrace what was once a love of something greater than us that could only be contained within the soul of each individual and never defined or categorized for you by someone else.


Anyone whom would dare to go to someone of a darker skin color and begin speaking to them thinking to themselves “unfortunately for you, you don’t have the privilege of having my skin color” is themselves a racial supremacist of the highest order.