The compulsion for sexuality in men manifests itself in the sexual act itself and any actions leading up to it.  The compulsion for sexuality in women manifests itself in her desire to draw attention from these men.  Each may do all manner of intellectual gymnastics to pretend their actions are motivated by noble reasons, but the truth is, the compulsion was there first, long before the mind came up with excuses.

Therefore, every time a woman committed to a man is able to withhold from the compulsion to dress and paint her face in a way that would allure different men, it is tantamount to a committed man withholding his sexual desires for other women and acting chivalrous with the women that cross his path.   The sex organs reflect this behavior. The penis wishes to find a target and penetrate it in order to deposit sperm whereas the vagina beckons the woman to attract the attention needed to become such a target.

All that said, our intellectual, cultural and spiritual evolution has tempered these impulses with rules and cultural  norms such that the impulses themselves don’t lead toward the destruction of our own selves or that of our communities.  One of the most common rules around the world is that of requiring marriage before sex, such that the compulsion is constrained within the boundaries of an institution that restricts freedom of sexual movement.   Another rule might be that girls aren’t allowed to wear makeup until they are of consenting age.  There are actually hundreds of rules still in effect and echoing through our DNA thanks to the cultural conditioning we’ve experienced over millennia, much like a domesticated dog, born of another domesticated dog will be less likely to attack a person.

Sadly, technology has largely served our desire to embrace our compulsions without the risk of adverse consequences.  And because of this all of the domestication within us is starting to fade and we are like pets beginning to embrace the wolf within us.  If science and technology fails to temper itself with a code of ethics, we will be a civilization lost into eternal wars, bloodshed and compulsive actions.

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