Evil Genes – A warning to those that love

Beware of evil genetics when choosing a mate.   Out in the world there are narcissists, borderlines, sadists genes, and more. These have all been devised through evolution to capitalize on generous and selfless people.

A borderline female is one such creature.  It is the chemical equivalent needed to turn a generous, selfless and kind man into a sadistic, self-centered, egotistic, and narcissistic human being so that when the time is right she can point to him and proclaim her true victim-hood.

The ideal end-game for the borderline chemical is to absorb the life of a partner and accelerate the dying process in him (or send him to prison).

The borderline chemical is a gene refined to perfection through evolutionary pressures. It achieves its aim by convincing the host that carries it (most often a female) into being truly and genuinely giving. Once the female has successfully deployed and dosed the man with her love, her mind flips, loses respect for him and sees this as a perfect opportunity for self-gain.

The script inside the woman’s mind plays as two voices. One that tells her to do the right thing and the other which capitalized on the points she gains in the process.

To avoid being ensnared by these evolutionary traps you must ensure that when choosing a mate you do not do it for love alone. Love is merely a chemical state that can be hijacked by a variety of parasites produced through evolution to ensnare such a one that loves.   The more selfless and loving you are, the more in danger you are of being captured by these parasites.  Be careful! You may think you are a giving and loving person now, but one year alone with a partner like this and you will find yourself committing the most terrible of atrocities.

Here are only some of the warning signs:

  • S/he doesn’t want you to meet her friends
  • S/he agrees with you on everything, unless someone else is in the room, in which case agreement turns toward the guest.
  • S/he thinks the world of you when you’re alone together, but is perfectly happy to mock you in front of others or think little of you.
  • S/he sabotages your friendships by convincing them you are abusive.
  • S/he lies and makes you feel terrible for catching her and convinces you, you were wrong to think so.
  • S/he manipulates your feelings and uses her own as a tool.
  • S/he will make the day about her especially when the day is about you (your birthday, someone died in your family, you got a promotion, etc).
  • S/he gradually takes your attention away from all other aspects of your life (family, work, hobbies, etc).
  • S/he is incredibly sensitive and cannot be criticized.
  • S/he is frequently suicidal.
  • S/he cuts herself.
  • S/he is frequently getting into trouble and asking you to come for the rescue.
  • S/he has probably been the victim of rape multiple times.
  • S/he changes tone of voice and personality depending on the situation.
  • S/he has dramatic emotional episodes that make her impossible to comfort.
  • S/he gets you addicted to her love and then repeatedly abandons you or ghosts you so that you come begging her to return.
  • S/he experiences sincere regret and self-hate for her actions and when you forgive her, the sinister voice in her returns.

There are others, but herein lies the pattern.

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