Most that fall under totalitarian rule will learn to remain silent and even pretend to like what they are being subjected to.  They may even be in favor of their overlords oppressing them further because they’d rather willingly comply than admit to their friends and family they are weak and complicit subjects.


Terrible people will use a crisis to take more away from you. Good people will use a crisis to bond together and build each other up.  Don’t look to terrible people for your solutions. Look to yourself and your neighbor. A thief that gets away with selling you one of your own stolen belongings, is the worst thief of all.

The Greatest Inflection Point

We are witnessing what might be the greatest inflection point in human history.

In a time of crisis let us not ask what our politicians can do for us but rather what we can do for each other.

The path we take from here mustn’t be one of global politics but rather one of a global scientific, creative and artistic communities coming together.

Let the governments handle the protection of their own sovereignty and boundaries. But let artists and scientists freely communicate and share ideas and news across borders and forbid anyone from ever silencing them.

An open, global and unrestricted internet is all we need to bring the world into true cooperation with each other. If you choose to leave this task up to politicians, diplomats and lawyers you will only see restrictions and vectors of control implemented in all societies, no matter how globally architected


Your news media has become the town crier and for some even the preacher on the pulpit. Consequently the only thing that brings you together with your fellow man is all that inflames you rather than all that informs you.  Use your own eyes to determine what is true and not the eyes of another, lest you become contaged by the mind of the mob.


Every human life is a single iteration in the human project. A test run to see if that’s the best way to be. So don’t get too attached but know also your importance and great significance in the smallness that is your happening.

Of course this is only the case in so far as each human is free to be such an iteration.


If you continue suffering the things you’ve lost, you will forever fail to accept new things into your life. Even if you gain through your loss, you will fail to acknowledge or appreciate those things as long as you continue looking to the past. Turn around, and stop walking backwards.