The Nature of The Self

A person is like a country.

The boundary gives it its name.

And to say “I have a body” is as if a country could speak in one voice and say “I have a landscape.”

Indeed it has rivers, hills, valleys, perhaps even snow tops. And this is much like our body has a circulatory, respiratory, integumentary and other systems.

Therefore asking “who am I?” is the wrong question and, instead, one must ask “what are all the things that I am?”

After all, one can never know a country unless one knows it in its entirety and you will never know yourself unless you accept fully everything that you are as part of who you are.

The Nature of Pair Bonding

Good and generous women will often pick terrible and conniving men and incredibly nice and loving men will often pick bitter and destructive women.

There is no point in denying the fact that this is a true and very real phenomena of the pair bonding experience. It’s a phenomena extensively observed by the time most have reached adulthood. And it’s termed a phenomena because each pair of opposites does not go out consciously knowing what it is they are doing.

The good woman really believes the man she is joining with is a great and righteous person. And likewise, the nice and loving man really believes the woman he has found himself with is incredible and worthy of worship. It’s only over time that the love blinders come off and each sees the person they are with more clearly.

What has happened is that each of the good individuals have Continue reading “The Nature of Pair Bonding”


Many individuals are very committed to the things they blame for their problems. So much so that if someone were to remove the source of their problems they’d feel immediately threatened. This is because for many, the accusers are their excuse for being held back in life. If their problems were to be removed or resolved they’d only have themselves to blame and this is far too overwhelming for a person committed to this line of thinking. Mediocrity is too often a safe haven for those that fear taking responsibility for their failures. After all when we don’t try our best it’s often because we’re afraid others will know that our best isn’t that great after all.

The Nature of Emotions

Emotions don’t actually exist on their own and are not the beginning of a feeling. They are reflections of something that is preceding them. Much like a skin problem can at times be a symptom of there being toxins within the body that are emerging and manifesting themselves outwardly.

Evidence for this can be plainly seen when a  fictional story rouses a listener or observer to undergo a profound emotional disruption. And to such an extent that it can compel entire populations to take political action, even cause a revolt. In this instance the emotion was manufactured by an external event. The emotion is therefore a chemical change designed to induce a state of mind and action commensurate with the circumstance. The circumstance may be completely synthetic and artificial but the emotions are nonetheless just as effective in driving the host.

Likewise there are also internal circumstances that can cause emotions to emerge. This is why modern medicine makes a profound error by Continue reading “The Nature of Emotions”


If your child doesn’t form a secure bond with you throughout their infancy and childhood, the child will grow up to attach themselves to anyone whom comes their way offering anything that resembles love, even bondage. This is because they will forever be unable to distinguish the difference between the bond they lacked as a child and a parasite that latches onto them claiming to love them.

Evil Genes – A warning to those that love

Beware of evil genetics when choosing a mate.   Out in the world there are narcissists, borderlines, sadists genes, and more. These have all been devised through evolution to capitalize on generous and selfless people.

A borderline female is one such creature.  It is the chemical equivalent needed to turn a generous, selfless and kind man into a sadistic, self-centered, egotistic, and narcissistic human being so that when the time is right she can point to him and proclaim her true victim-hood.

The ideal end-game for the borderline chemical is to Continue reading “Evil Genes – A warning to those that love”