The Nature of Consciousness – Part 3

When our consciousness is being limited by a malady, a drug or any external affliction one is still, under those circumstances, able to be aware of one’s condition. This is because our consciousness in its unaltered state is present in us still, regardless of the incapacity our body has to channel it or manifest it at any given time. How can i be aware that my awareness is being inhibited if my awareness was actually being inhibited? In other words how can one be conscious of one’s unconsciousness? This indicates that there is a greater consciousness present in us that we can only manifest in degrees. Some might argue that in such a circumstance we are merely drawing from memories to compare our present condition with one from the past. But this can only be partially true given a variety of other examples we can draw from.

Dreams are one such example as they prove that our consciousness is Continue reading “The Nature of Consciousness – Part 3”



Those who claim that enterprises must be comprised of different genders and races in order to provide a healthy diversity of opinions and viewpoints – yet simultaneously designate these human categories as being equal and same with one another – are so blind they fail to see this blatant contradiction. Furthermore, whom is the racist or the sexist? The one who believes your appearance is indicative of your opinion, or the one whom believes you can hold any opinion regardless of your appearance?   Rest assured, anybody that hires you because of your color or your gender, is themselves a bigot.

The Nature of Consciousness Part 2

As described in The Nature of Consciousness Part 1, consciousness itself becomes manifest in degrees (from sober to intoxicated) and simultaneously in levels or planes (from subconscious to super consciousness). This brief treatise described the consciousness we are all familiar with and that we use to form an identity of self and other. We can call this our mind/body consciousness or our self consciousness. This consciousness is not unique to humans as it manifests itself in degrees among all living things.

Outside of all this abides the master consciousness which informs all living thing.To best understand the relationship between the two we could view the nature between the master consciousness and our self consciousness as being much like the relationship between Continue reading “The Nature of Consciousness Part 2”


There is no such thing as healthy eating. There are healthy people that eat and unhealthy people that eat and everyone in-between.  The difference is merely this: A person with super-human health could survive by eating anything while a person with a very weak body will only be able to survive on a very specific diet.  Therefore, identify your level of strength an eat accordingly.


There are two energies responsible for making us. The energies of the sun and the energies of the planetary core. The former longs for us to become, ourselves, an interstellar body while the latter longs for us to stay on this earth and multiply so as to layer it with more soil with our dead bodies.  Humans may be the first to hear the Sun’s calling. Let us not fail in heeding it.