Most that fall under totalitarian rule will learn to remain silent and even pretend to like what they are being subjected to.  They may even be in favor of their overlords oppressing them further because they’d rather willingly comply than admit to their friends and family they are weak and complicit subjects.


Terrible people will use a crisis to take more away from you. Good people will use a crisis to bond together and build each other up.  Don’t look to terrible people for your solutions. Look to yourself and your neighbor. A thief that gets away with selling you one of your own stolen belongings, is the worst thief of all.


Your news media has become the town crier and for some even the preacher on the pulpit. Consequently the only thing that brings you together with your fellow man is all that inflames you rather than all that informs you.  Use your own eyes to determine what is true and not the eyes of another, lest you become contaged by the mind of the mob.


Your personality is largely constructed by you in reaction to how society perceives you.  Therefore, whatever the first impressions are that you put off – these very things will either be building blocks for your person or the barriers that your person strives to rise above.

The Nature of Pair Bonding

Good and generous women will often pick terrible and conniving men and incredibly nice and loving men will often pick bitter and destructive women.

There is no point in denying the fact that this is a true and very real phenomena of the pair bonding experience. It’s a phenomena extensively observed by the time most have reached adulthood. And it’s termed a phenomena because each pair of opposites does not go out consciously knowing what it is they are doing.

The good woman really believes the man she is joining with is a great and righteous person. And likewise, the nice and loving man really believes the woman he has found himself with is incredible and worthy of worship. It’s only over time that the love blinders come off and each sees the person they are with more clearly.

What has happened is that each of the good individuals have Continue reading “The Nature of Pair Bonding”


Many individuals are very committed to the things they blame for their problems. So much so that if someone were to remove the source of their problems they’d feel immediately threatened. This is because for many, the accusers are their excuse for being held back in life. If their problems were to be removed or resolved they’d only have themselves to blame and this is far too overwhelming for a person committed to this line of thinking. Mediocrity is too often a safe haven for those that fear taking responsibility for their failures. After all when we don’t try our best it’s often because we’re afraid others will know that our best isn’t that great after all.