We often build outside because we want to avoid building within. Consequently much of human achievement and expansion has been fueled by our traumas and the avoidance of personal growth needed to overcome them.



It may seem to be the case that adversity renders great and powerful individuals, but the truth of the matter is that only these individuals are capable of emerging triumphant from such adversity. So it is largely despite it and not because of it. Therefore know that if you subject adversity on others in order to create greatness, what you are actually doing is creating a barrier, through which only the very strong will emerge and the vast majority that you have inflicted this on, will be selected out.


If you continue to let actions you disagree with be set upon you by others, then over time, you will disassociate your actions with your own self. Your soul will whither like a flower to a flame and you will no longer be human, but a beast of burden instead.  The only way to let the flower bloom again is to fight against the will of others until you can fully exert your own. All you can do then is wait and pray that your bulb is not dead.


You may very well take pride in how little judgement you pass over others, but this is no virtue if it is only so because you think little of yourself. This combination of traits will only attract difficult people to your bed. Instead, think of yourself as great and think of others as great also. That way when you come across someone that is unquestionably greater than you, you will seek to marry them instead.


Being tolerant and open to people’s differences doesn’t mean one is not allowed to have a preference. To require tolerance for yourself while simultaneously policing the preferences of others, is in and of itself the opposite of tolerance and will only serve as an act to sequester your freedom and eliminate the choices you claim to protect.


International trade is often unethical. Nations must first learn to be self-subsistent and if they are unable to, they should annex themselves to a neighboring nation that will welcome them – or a more distant nation willing to extend an offer.   But to capitalize on either the resolve or the desperation of others will only produce further injustices unless the nations trading can reach an equal prosperity footing. A metric must be established to measure a nation’s economic strength and treatment of its workers such that only those matching can trade with each other. Simpler nations can trade with simpler nations and richer nations with other richer nations.  In this way, a wealthy nation will not take advantage of a poorer nation, and the poor within a wealthy nation will be able to reap the rewards of their own nation’s economic growth.  Trade must be based on unequal strengths between nations, not unequal freedoms.


Humans have lost the core competencies required to be an individual and consequently possess little to no sovereignty over their own selves. They agree with the more prominent voice in the group. They lie about their own opinion in order to gain approval of others. They say they are doing fine when asked even if they are not. And they always avoid or run away from conflict with even those that threaten their place in the world. It is an inevitable consequence of such incompetence for humans to gravitate toward collectivism and feel existentially threatened by independent thinkers and those with a strong sense of their own identity.