Most humans may only be 1% conscious which means they are 99% machination.  Your past, your trauma, your genetics, they all conspire against you to repeat all the suffering that formed them.  You are a puzzle piece that takes its shape like a gear only feeling realized when it fits. So you seek, at all times to turn the wheel of your karma and those that have fit you into theirs.   You choose what is familiar, even if it ruins you.   Raise your consciousness! It’s the only key you have for liberation.



A woman that exhibits an irrational veneration of male sexual attention and finds herself frequently having sexual intercourse with multiple men is simply a girl that never got genuine or proper attention from the male authorities in her life. All things that we lacked in our childhood or that have been taken away from us, we will devote our unconscious energies toward recreating them.


A man that exhibits an irrational veneration of women and finds himself frequently falling deeply in love with them is simply a boy that never got genuine attention or approval from the female authorities in his life. All things that we lacked in our childhood or have had taken away from us, we will devote our unconscious life trying to recreate.


When you find an easy way to work around a problem you allow the problem to persist and maybe even grow. Be forthcoming and not lazy with the problems you encounter. Be brave and not cowardly. If you fail in this, you fail creation.


Intelligence quotient is not a trait, it is a kind of energy source for much of human activity. This is why there is no correlation between this intelligence and things like conscientiousness or consciousness.   The more you raise this intelligence in your community, virtuousness and vices will grow equally.  Therefore, any efforts you take in promoting education must never take place until your children are taught the virtues needed to perform the duties and responsibilities that come with being a member of a community.


One might be tempted to think that from the standpoint of survival and evolution that lying and deception are favorable attributes to have. But this is only true in such instances where the organism is operating on its own; like the butterfly that makes the bird believe its wings are the eyes of a predator. But unlike most animals, humans have survived largely due to their ability to collaborate and work in groups. And whichever group contained the most dishonest and desceptive members was by far the one most likely to go extinct first. This is why the more you belong to a group but attempt to operate independently of it, the more likely you are to become a deceptive, manipulative and dishonest individual.


All incorrect bliss will inevitably lead to a correction in the opposite extreme. And while the bliss may be heightened and brief, the sadness the will follow can be long and grueling. Pursue your own compulsive bliss at your own peril.