In my estimation all confusion among people stems from a lack of language because our confusion fundamentally stems from our incessant desire to understand things through words.



It’s not that we should be careful what we wish for – It’s that we should be careful to be granted anything we yearned for without it first being earned. If life ever awards you with something you have not earned, be suspect of accepting it, for it will likely come with a price you may not be willing to pay.Therefore, long for all the things you wish for – but along with that wish – ask that your wishes only come true if you’ve earned them through your own deliberation. Only then will you truly be the captain of your own prize instead of becoming one that is held captive by it.


Human morality stemmed from the necessity to live with others and therefore the more tolerable you were the less likely you’d be to get ostracized; and more likely to pass your seed onto the future. Human morality is therefore here with us today by much the same mechanism that the genes of a wolf have rendered the domesticated dog that helps guide a blind man across the street.

Consequently “right” and “wrong “ have always been relative terms associated with survival, time, tribe and circumstance. At a time now when our tribe has become vast territories and nations (and some would argue even the entire planet) we might be on the verge of a moral breakthrough that will either secure our survival for the next few hundred years or lead us to our demise. If we all act together then we only get one chance. If each tribe tries something different, we diversify our risks and increase our chances of survival. But then what if tribalizing ourselves, in and of itself, leads to our demise? Perhaps a hybrid approach is needed!


Be it unearned wisdom, unearned wealth, or even things like an unearned sense of self worth – these only serve to expand, in you, all that is satanic and you’d be wise to strive to acquire, achieve and earn only those things you’ve shown to deserve through your hard work, integrity, attitude, commitment and ingenuity.

This satanic rule applies to individuals as much as it does to organizations and political institutions. Be leery, then, of all things unearned.  As you unlock the ability to acquire things unearned, so do you unlock the gates to hell.

The Nature of Forgiveness and Restitution

If someone breaks something of yours, be it intentional or accidental, any ethically minded individual will immediately extend his or her apologies and offer to repair the damage or attempt to replace the item or its value at their own expense.

If however, the individual only says they are sorry and then Continue reading “The Nature of Forgiveness and Restitution”

The Responsibility of Women

Women of the world, hear this!

Men are conditioned to go where they are most needed. If you want a man as a husband, make it evident to him this is the only reason you are getting to know him. If you marry him and want him to be a good husband, make it evident to him, in as many ways you can, that the role he plays as your husband is important to you and why. If you have children and want him to be a good father, never miss the opportunity to tell him how important his role is to your children and repeatedly show him how much you will trust them in his care and how much you are willing to count on him to be their provider, protector, educator and care giver. And if your children grow up, be sure to always express the respect you feel for their father by never undermining the authority and responsibility you’ve given him.

But women of the world, if you continue to tell men that all you need them for is Continue reading “The Responsibility of Women”


Be careful not to coddle disease to the point of accommodating it. If a depressed individual is allowed to change their environment so that their environment is suitable for their depression, their depression is likely to stay and continue to deepen. Same is true for many human maladies.


For some of us, being ignorant of our own incompetence is the one thing that staves us from debilitating depression. And unfortunately it is becoming increasingly difficult to live blissfully in that ignorance because examples of competence are so frequently flaunted before us. Stop comparing yourself to others. Look only to yourself today and vow to be better at whatever it is you did today when time comes to do it again, tomorrow.