Spiritual War

One of the greatest intellectual errors conceived by the human race is that spirituality and spiritual qualities are innately good in nature. Spiritual qualities are much like qualities of intelligence. When either is enhanced or heightened they can be used for good or for evil. In some ways they are a kind of neuro-kinesiological energy borne out of alignments that create vectors propelling our species into whatever direction it wills itself to.

The more intelligence you have, the more you can fashion and further your own ideas. The more spiritual you are, the more you can embody the principles that bind you to the creator and as such can create what you will. The quince tree that bears quince, does so because it embodies the principles that bind it to its creator. This does not mean that the creator is a quince tree, nor does it mean that quince is innately good or bad or better than an apple. It only means that the quince tree is fully integrated with itself (and its creator) and thus bears its fruits.

There are many such qualities which I hope to catalogue here over time. Integrity is one such quality. Integrity is when the person you are on the inside matches the person you are on the outside, regardless of the consequences. If society is spiritually ill then the consequences will be more dire for the one that is integrated. In other words, the more risks involved with being yourself, when society is ill, the more integrated you have to be as an individual. It is therefore impossible to be a spiritual person without having integrity. As such, integrity is a fundamental spiritual quality. If, however, integrity comes easy during a time of societal illness then you are likely spiritually ill yourself and your spiritual quality will only serve to perpetuate the illness.

It is of great alarm to me how society has become increasingly effective at perverting spiritual qualities to such an extent that a spiritual illness is now prevailing among humanity. It has done so by creating systems that reward deceit and dishonesty through moral posturing and moral indignation. Systems that use spiritual qualities in order to destroy goodness.

We are witnessing a war between good and evil. Goodness is losing this fight because evil has employed intellectual and spiritual powers to aid in reaching its aim.

It is time for warriors of the good to pick up the tools of intelligence and spirit and fight back!

Last Chance

Those who wish to take away your freedom have created a circumstance by which to get you to view those that want it as a threat to society.

Those whom wish to take away federalism have created a circumstance by which to get you to hate the ability to choose your own government.

Those whom wish to take away your ability to speak have created a circumstance by which to get you to view speech as a deadly weapon.

Those whom wish to take away your ability to gather and share ideas have created a circumstance by which to get you to view those that gather as irresponsible.

Those whom wish to take away your privacy have created a circumstance by which all of your activities must be tracked for the “good of all”.

Those whom wish to take away your prosperity have created a circumstance by which to get others to hate you for having it.

Don’t be fooled.  Think for yourself and your loved ones. Speak up!

This is your last chance to do so.  You may not be able to change the course of history but you’ll be able to find out whom cares about you more than government. And whom cares about government more than god.  You get to choose whether you become the ant that serves at the behest of the queen or an independent sovereign being.

Distance yourself from the ants that are willing to report you to the authorities for merely having an opinion that differs.  They are just like the Germans to the Jews during the holocaust.  It’s time to choose better company than these. It’s your last chance to surround yourself by those whom will truly care about your agency.

The Greatest Inflection Point

We are witnessing what might be the greatest inflection point in human history.

In a time of crisis let us not ask what our politicians can do for us but rather what we can do for each other.

The path we take from here mustn’t be one of global politics but rather one of a global scientific, creative and artistic communities coming together.

Let the governments handle the protection of their own sovereignty and boundaries. But let artists and scientists freely communicate and share ideas and news across borders and forbid anyone from ever silencing them.

An open, global and unrestricted internet is all we need to bring the world into true cooperation with each other. If you choose to leave this task up to politicians, diplomats and lawyers you will only see restrictions and vectors of control implemented in all societies, no matter how globally architected

The Nature of Pair Bonding

Good and generous women will often pick terrible and conniving men and incredibly nice and loving men will often pick bitter and destructive women.

There is no point in denying the fact that this is a true and very real phenomena of the pair bonding experience. It’s a phenomena extensively observed by the time most have reached adulthood. And it’s termed a phenomena because each pair of opposites does not go out consciously knowing what it is they are doing.

The good woman really believes the man she is joining with is a great and righteous person. And likewise, the nice and loving man really believes the woman he has found himself with is incredible and worthy of worship. It’s only over time that the love blinders come off and each sees the person they are with more clearly.

What has happened is that each of the good individuals have Continue reading “The Nature of Pair Bonding”

The Nature of Emotions

Emotions don’t actually exist on their own and are not the beginning of a feeling. They are reflections of something that is preceding them. Much like a skin problem can at times be a symptom of there being toxins within the body that are emerging and manifesting themselves outwardly.

Evidence for this can be plainly seen when a  fictional story rouses a listener or observer to undergo a profound emotional disruption. And to such an extent that it can compel entire populations to take political action, even cause a revolt. In this instance the emotion was manufactured by an external event. The emotion is therefore a chemical change designed to induce a state of mind and action commensurate with the circumstance. The circumstance may be completely synthetic and artificial but the emotions are nonetheless just as effective in driving the host.

Likewise there are also internal circumstances that can cause emotions to emerge. This is why modern medicine makes a profound error by Continue reading “The Nature of Emotions”

The Ballad of the Opposites

The more you talk the less you will listen

The more light you absorb the less you will reflect.

The harder your exterior the more vulnerable your interior.

Disagreeable people start religions but agreeable people follow them.

The more you help someone the less able they will be to help themselves.

The more knowledge you bond with the less perceptive you will be.

The more masculine he becomes the more feminine will she. And the more masculine she becomes the more feminine will he.

The more you push a pendulum to one side, the more potential energy it gathers to move in the opposite direction.

After all, a planet gives us day and then night because it spins. And it only spins in one direction because both sides move in opposite directions.

Once you understand this ballad of the opposites or everything there is to understand you will finally understand nothing at all.

Therefore be at peace and rest assured things are, and only are because they are the way they are.

Existence is contention, and life, a dance between extremes.

The Paradigm of the Mirror – A model for self discovery

We are all like pristine mirrors when we are born. If you look upon us, you see yourself. If you smile, we smile. If you frown, we frown.  We are your mirror.

Then, as we grow (in a healthy environment) we amass beautiful memories that decorate and cover up our mirror. This collection of memories becomes our identity and to some extent our personality.

Once this happens we can no longer reflect you, nor can you, reflect us. So in time, we sense that something is missing. That there is part of us we don’t know… or that we’ve forgotten.  So we start to peel away our accouterments and accumulations. And if we are fortunate, we manage to finally restore the pristine mirror that we once were.  This is called enlightenment.

Those whom have experienced severe childhood trauma, Continue reading “The Paradigm of the Mirror – A model for self discovery”


The lesson a comfortable life is trying to teach us is that gratifying the mortal self is not an attainable or even worthy objective. And whether or not we learn it in life doesn’t matter because death will inevitably teach it to us. Nirvana is attained by learning death’s lesson while you are still alive. This, however,must not be confused with craving a state of submission or enslavement as these are also driven by your own selfish compulsions or that of someone else’s. True liberation must by definition not be contingent on the compulsion of self or other. Once your basic survival and comfort needs are met, external circumstances can serve equally toward your liberation as they can toward inhibiting it. But the more you require external circumstances to accommodate your spiritual needs the less likely you are to ever find spiritual liberation. This is why as a society becomes increasingly affluent, satisfying selfish human compulsion becomes more central to our wellbeing and further away we stray from grace and freedom. This is why the attainment of greater affluence must be balanced with freeing one’s self from compulsion that your affluence can serve you and not hinder you from true blissfulness.


The compulsion for sexuality in men manifests itself in the sexual act itself and any actions leading up to it.  The compulsion for sexuality in women manifests itself in her desire to draw attention from these men.  Each may do all manner of intellectual gymnastics to pretend their actions are motivated by noble reasons, but the truth is, the compulsion was there first, long before the mind came up with excuses.

Therefore, every time a woman Continue reading “Sexes”

The Nature of Spirituality

What is the meaning of spirituality? Does it have a value? Can it be measured? What makes someone more or less spiritual? I think we too often confuse spirituality with religion and therefore, an identity of some kind. And so, for many whom take on the word “spiritual” to describe themselves may often be characterized by devoting the larger of their efforts to growing or spreading their ideas to others and believing themselves to be spiritual for doing so. But given that spirituality is a universal phenomena, it can’t be this. After all, if a Muslim believes themselves to be spiritual when practicing their faith and a Chrisitan when remaining faithful to their own, how could either of them truly claim to know what spirituality really is? Continue reading “The Nature of Spirituality”