For some of us, being ignorant of our own incompetence is the one thing that staves us from debilitating depression. And unfortunately it is becoming increasingly difficult to live blissfully in that ignorance because examples of competence are so frequently flaunted before us. Stop comparing yourself to others. Look only to yourself today and vow to be better at whatever it is you did today when time comes to do it again, tomorrow.


Communism failed not entirely, but in part, due to the lack of respecting the individuality of the individual.  But now that hair color is all you seem to need to express yourself, communists will reign over you with a terror the likes of which have never been seen before in human history.  And your price? Free pigment for all!

CEO’s ARE Sexist – Study Shows

This will blow your mind. The following study I’m about to cite has finally proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that 99% of male CEO’s are sexist. The elegance of this study is stunning because all that was needed to reach this conclusion was to collect data for a single metric: “whom do these men pick as mates?”

You’d think such a study would render trivial results but it turns out 99% of these male CEO’s discriminate on sex and gender when making this decision and perhaps the most important and consequential decision in their lives. Far more important than who they choose to hire. The 99.9% number is broken up into two categories. 97% will discriminate against men and ONLY pick a female mate. 2% will only pick a male and will always reject and discriminate against women. The shocking findings don’t end there. When the same study was conducted on female CEO’s it turned out they were complicit in this discriminatory behavior for they also show similar signs of sexism. Yes indeed, the majority of women will only pick a man to be a long-term sexual partner and completely reject the idea of mating with another woman.

The study also proves that men and women (at least 99% of them) are completely different and, in fact, display opposite preferences from one another. Because while men seem, by and large, to prefer women, women seem to, by and large, prefer men in their life. Could this really be true? Could it really be true that men and women have diametrically opposed pair-bonding preferences? Astounding!! What’s more is that the study appears to be consistent across cultures and socioeconomic status thereby rendering null the notion of this phenomena being socially constructed. The number, in fact, grows from 99% to 100% when studying tribes that have been isolated from modern cultural influences. Granted such tribes may not offer the numbers necessary for such anomalies to emerge in the studies.

So if men and women are, in fact, different, what does this mean? Could this mean that the thing men love about women is different than the thing women love about men? It’s impossible to conclude otherwise because if men had the same preferences that women did, then men wouldn’t be discriminating against men so readily. But furthermore, could it be possible that men and women have different preferences in other areas, beside sexuality? Logic and reason would conclude “yes” because if a woman wants to attract a man, evolutionary speaking, she must have adopted (over evolutionary time) the traits that men like. And if a man wants to attract a female mate into his perimeter, he must have (over evolutionary time) acquired the qualities that most attract a woman. In fact, it’s because of this, that we even exist today. And out of this evolutionary phenomena, have emerged innumerable tendencies that are predominant in women but not in men, and visa versa. Astounding!

So what are these differences? What is it about a woman that triggers the male desire for her? And what is it about a man that triggers the female desire for him? What are the implications of this and how does it affect men and women in the work place? In my future posts I intend to explore this very topic in depth, so stay tuned.