Your news media has become the town crier and for some even the preacher on the pulpit. Consequently the only thing that brings you together with your fellow man is all that inflames you rather than all that informs you.  Use your own eyes to determine what is true and not the eyes of another, lest you become contaged by the mind of the mob.

The Nature of Forgiveness and Restitution

If someone breaks something of yours, be it intentional or accidental, any ethically minded individual will immediately extend his or her apologies and offer to repair the damage or attempt to replace the item or its value at their own expense.

If however, the individual only says they are sorry and then Continue reading “The Nature of Forgiveness and Restitution”


Be careful not to coddle disease to the point of accommodating it. If a depressed individual is allowed to change their environment so that their environment is suitable for their depression, their depression is likely to stay and continue to deepen. Same is true for many human maladies.


Severe fear of abandonment as seen in those diagnosed with borderline personality disorder is characterized by developing resentment and anger toward anyone whom the BPD individual forms a bond with. This is because their traumas have wired them to see anyone whom they bond with as being inevitably the one that will betray them.  And yet sadly, it is the way in which this attitude will lead them to behave that will inevitably cause them to fulfill their own predictions.


There is no such thing as healthy eating. There are healthy people that eat and unhealthy people that eat and everyone in-between.  The difference is merely this: A person with super-human health could survive by eating anything while a person with a very weak body will only be able to survive on a very specific diet.  Therefore, identify your level of strength an eat accordingly.


Restoring balance and flow is central to healing the body and mind. As a healer your hands must be cold when attempting to cool parts of the patients body and warm when attempting to heat them up. No one chakra should be warmer than another when your session is over. Changing the temperature of your hands may come naturally to you or through practice but rest assured that doing so is among the basic competencies of any healer.

See, the body is in a perpetual state of healing itself because maladies are constantly trying to infiltrate the human frame. Therefore, any body that is in a perpetual state of imbalance will be devoting its resources to reinstating the balance. If, as a healer, you are able to restore outward balance for the patient, then he or she may be able to devote its resources fully to restoring balance within.

When imbalances persists, diseases form.