Your reproductive instinct is like a parasite so finely wired to you it will hijack your intellect and use it to posture all manner of arguments that justify behaviors that will ultimately ruin you but benefit its replication in your future offspring. The obvious question that arises, however, is, to whom is it that the arguments are being made to?


Question: If great things can result from bad decisions, what was really bad about them?

Answer: Great things may still come as a consequence of bad decisions only because of the momentum of good decisions that preceded them. Therefore take little pride in the outcome of your actions and more pride in your adherence to good principles; these form the foundation of all future positive outcomes, even those that aren’t directly your own. And should you be such a one preceded by an ancestry replete with good decisions, be leary of your selfishness for it will wish to capitalize on this and prance around according to its own whims and fancy with little consequence or adversity to itself. The only good that might ever come from such a transaction is change.


Do you ever feel like many (perhaps all) of the latest changes in the legislation that govern us as people are stewed in a narrative devised by small-minded people? Sometimes (perhaps always) promoted and stirred up by the media, with little to no input from the public? And even sweetened, like medicine on a spoon, by using artists, scientists, religious leaders, authors, and others? Such that the few given a platform are only those whose message aligns with those few behind the recipe?


As vocabulary and the mastery of words and language come to me so does the ability to reason and fully comprehend the sublime.

Dear god please unlock new mysteries for me to unveil for what quest is life if not to be a seeker. After all, can there truly be fulfillment for the fulfilled?