The Ballad of the Opposites

The more you talk the less you will listen

The more light you absorbs the less you will reflect.

The harder your exterior the more vulnerable your interior.

Disagreeable people start religions but agreeable people follow them.

The more you help someone the less able they will be to help themselves.

The more knowledge you bond with the less perceptive you will be.

The more masculine he becomes the more feminine will she. And the more masculine she becomes the more feminine will he.

The more you push a pendulum to one side, the more potential energy it gathers to move in the opposite direction.

After all, a planet gives us day and then night because it spins. And it only spins in one direction because both sides move in opposite directions.

Once you understand this ballad of the opposites or everything there is to understand you will finally understand nothing at all.

Therefore be at peace and rest assured things are, and only are because they are the way they are.

Existence is contention, and life, a dance between extremes.



The answer to all things is this: All of creation is striving to replace something that has been taken away from it.  Nothingness  brought isness for it simply could not bare its desolation.  Likewise, the isness of a human baby felt the loss of its mother’s womb and sought to restore safety and shelter in the arms of its parents.   All of your unconscious impulses and compulsions are Continue reading “Missing”

The Paradigm of the Mirror – A model for self discovery

We are all like pristine mirrors when we are born. If you look upon us, you see yourself. If you smile, we smile. If you frown, we frown.  We are your mirror.

Then, as we grow (in a healthy environment) we amass beautiful memories that decorate and cover up our mirror. This collection of memories becomes our identity and to some extent our personality.

Once this happens we can no longer reflect you, nor can you, reflect us. So in time, we sense that something is missing. That there is part of us we don’t know… or that we’ve forgotten.  So we start to peel away our accouterments and accumulations. And if we are fortunate, we manage to finally restore the pristine mirror that we once were.  This is called enlightenment.

Those whom have experienced severe childhood trauma, Continue reading “The Paradigm of the Mirror – A model for self discovery”


The naked and true existence of reality can never be described; You can only dance with it. Those things that can be described can only be described because they have opposites. Light has darkness. Wet has dryness. Soft has hardness, and so on. Reality, has no opposites therefore it can’t be described nor can it even be proven to exist; yet proof of its existence is undeniable.


All of life as we know it is in a state of progress toward attaining or manifesting the one frequency of our existence.  That is to say that a tree is doing its best to reflect the same frequency that you are but in the best way it knows how.  Everyone is like a different flower attempting as best they can to reflect the same image.  Or a different instrument manifesting a different sound from the same breath.  Unless of course you choose to deny this duty, in which case you will bring suffering to yourself and others.


If you are trying to determine whether or not you were abused as a child ask yourself “did I have a say” and you will find your answer. Those who are abused, however lightly will find themselves growing up silently and feeling little to no permission to speak up and share their thoughts or ideas. If the opposite is true and you were allowed to share anything no matter how insignificant, then you were raised in the opposite state of abuse allowing you to grow up amused, perplexed and blissfully confused by all the wonders of life. May you never stop having questions.


Life is constantly responding to vibration and attempting to express in its own way a form that agrees with said frequency. This is why beauty is fundamentally the achievance of resonance, with one part being a response to cosmic forms and another to individual manifestation. There is yet a third pre-requisite for beauty which is the attainment of an alignment with its own frequency. Once this third is achieved and it is achieved last, the path toward individual perfection and beauty is accelerated exponentially until reaching the zenith of its potential.


When the wind blows your tent down you can choose to rebuild it – but if you build it the same way as before – rest assured, when the winds return they will tear down your tent again.  Recurring tests in our life are just like this. Learn what you need to in order to overcome them and these recurrences in your life will come to an end.  The universe isn’t the one that’s tormenting you, it’s your stubborn and incessant insistence to continue rebuilding the same damn tent over and over again.


Sleep and wakefulness are two opposite states of consciousness with varying degrees in-between and extremes potentially beyond them. Wakefulness and it’s extremes are worth pursuing above sleepfullness (and it’s extremes) because it is only when your consciousness is pristine that you are capable of seeing things for what they are. The more your consciousness is subdued the more you become vulnerable to the realm of concepts and imagination. Therefore don’t be fooled into thinking a hallucinogen enhances your awareness, it merely puts you to sleep while letting your body remain awake. Rest assured, these are not enhanced states of mind, but rather hampered states of mind.

That said, while both states are opposite, their intent is not so! All realms of consciousness aim outward, toward awareness. So even if you insist on being in a state of slumber, your visions will attempt to wake you or dispel the lies you’ve been telling yourself.

Indeed, what a beautiful realm it is we live in that our eyes should open even after remaining shut. After all, everything is in service of awareness. You can choose to use the limited time you have wisely or inch your way there like a worm. Either way, we are all in service to the same ends.