December 1, 2017

The Nature of Consciousness

The greatest trick the mind learned how to play was to wander in wonder. For you see, despite its immobility and complete imprisonment, it too sought to be free from its shackles and now roams freely in the realm of its own fancy. You must at once tame the damn thing. For it has the endless curiosity of an infant and the wandering bliss of a child. Discipline your mind such that you are in control of it lest you lose it.

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June 14, 2017

Feelings are merely the tools the human psyche has developed, through evolution, to signal which elements in your environment are aligned or unaligned with your cultural conventions or those things you are socially acclimated to. Therefore be measured in how much importance you give them in your search for truth.

(From HC Mehdi’s The Fractal Order)


May 24, 2017

… therefore all human intelligence can be summarized simply as the capacity to perceive patterns, be they absorbed through the sense of sight, hearing, touch, olfactory, taste, language, memory and all the varied senses and states of mind.
(From HC Mehdi’s, The Fractal Order)


May 24, 2017

… this is why food remains misunderstood. It not only acts as a source of resource and energy but sufficient material with sufficient liquidity must be allowed to pass as a flushing agent.
(From HC Mehdi’s, The Fractal Order)


April 28, 2017

Attempting to convince a government worker of the ills she helps perpetuate is like attempting to compell a cell in a body to abandon its calling. Beware of the institutions you create. They will inevitably grow a life of their own. So remember, that no matter the monster that roams freely laying waste to the planet, every organ, cell and bacteria within it, will serve it with unconditional love.
(From the Fractal Order by HC Mehdi)


March 21, 2017

A healthy spousal relationship is characterized by the practice of pleasing the partner. And a toxic relationship is one characterized by a partner that is only pleased by the displeasure of the other.
(From HC Mehdi’s Fractal Order)


February 25, 2017

A loathing of the self, be it manufactured through guilt, or otherwise, may lead to phobia of one’s own person. These individuals will likely proceed to consume recreational drugs or modify themselves physically in ways by which to hide themselves from themselves. Methods include tattoos, piercings, hair or skin color changes and even gender reassignment. As long as the self is dissatisfied with the attributes of the self,specifically those that are innate and traditionally unchangeable, a downward spiral of debt will ensue leading to profound anxiety, depression and even suicide. Consequently the only ones that will survive such a mental state are the very rich. And why among the wealthy are found circulating many warped individuals.
(From the Fractal Order by HC Mehdi)