Abusive people always want to silence those they abuse. So if you’re trying to figure out who is the abuser and who is the abused, find out first which one has been silenced.



When a wave extends outward it displaces but does not necessarily move water from crest to crest. Likewise the you now is not the you of yesterday or the you of tomorrow. But the choices you make will either help or ruin the you that follows. Choose wisely.


Humans are creatures that wrestle between choosing to be driven by their biology vs their philosophical principles. As of late, humans have become primarily philosophical creatures with biological tendencies seen as mostly an inconvenience along for the ride. The power of such a paradigm is that it could lead to our premature demise or extend the existence of our species into perpetuity. In my estimation, only when our philosophy reaches a state of harmony with our biology will we truly prosper and become a beautiful species. But if we mechanize ourselves, we will just become a virus in the galaxy.


To say something becomes popular today and then it is no longer tomorrow, is a misuse of the word. What you are observing is merely manufactured popularity, nothing more. This is a top down phenomena. Popularity in its truest sense is a bottom up phenomena. We have even let them replace this word by calling it “viral” instead which is an insult to democracy. Don’t let anyone make such perverse changes to your language.


Anyone whom would dare to go to someone of a darker skin color and begin speaking to them thinking to themselves “unfortunately for you, you don’t have the privilege of having my skin color” is themselves a racial supremacist of the highest order.


Stories used to be told to extend important messages into future generations; capsules of information meant to transfer knowledge and wisdom that would otherwise be lost. But now, stories are motivated purely by profit having caused them to devolve into artforms devoted to serving our narcissism, entitlement and infantile selfish wishes and desires. What is weak is portrayed to be innately strong. What is unearned is immediately awarded. Forgiveness is weakness and revenge is a sign of strength. Our modern day tales take what was learned from past wisdom but only to channel permission for self aggrandizement and entitlement into future generations. It is time to start telling stories and stop selling them.


There are those whom feel they do not belong and that life rejects them at every turn. This is partially a misperception. The truth is, life has not rejected them. It is the group that has. By group could be meant many things: Your family, your church, your workplace, and so on. And the likely reason the group has rejected you is because groups are only interested in those eager and wanting to be members. Groups want members that think and act like them, nothing more. If you aren’t ready to fall in line and follow the precepts of the group, then you will fail to be a member and will inevitably be rejected. If this is your place, don’t be the fool that starts yet another group. Instead, take pleasure in being a member of creation instead. Only then will you find yourself included in everything.


To tax and organize individuals at a national level is a sin. Experiments like socialism and communism must never extend beyond the level of the municipality or perhaps even the community. Imagine how even at a neighborhood level many residents would be disgruntled if forced to contribute funds into a community bank account that may or may not service their needs. Consider then how at a National, State or even City level, the managers of these funds are even more disconnected from the social needs of that individual. The federal government should never extend its reach into the pockets of individuals, and neither should the region. Only cities should have the right to tax their citizens, on the purchase of goods and property within their city limits and nothing else. Regions may then collect a tax from their cities and nations from their regions. This is the proper order of taxation which places the incentive on sustainable community life rather than on consumerism and dependency on a ruling class. Let municipalities address the needs of their downtrodden, and let the rulers of a nation be largely invisible to their citizens.