Spiritual illness is now firmly manifest in people’s social allergic reactions to truth. To forgo truthfulness merely to keep your money is one of the greatest cosmic sins. We are ambassadors of the sun and of light. Forgo this responsibility and you have betrayed everything that made you by committing yourself to cruelty and darkness. Your mind is meant to be an extension of truth and not to be ideologically posessed by the lies of another.


Every human life is a single iteration in the human project. A test run to see if that’s the best way to be. So don’t get too attached but know also your importance and great significance in the smallness that is your happening.

Of course this is only the case in so far as each human is free to be such an iteration.


If your child doesn’t form a secure bond with you throughout their infancy and childhood, the child will grow up to attach themselves to anyone whom comes their way offering anything that resembles love, even bondage. This is because they will forever be unable to distinguish the difference between the bond they lacked as a child and a parasite that latches onto them claiming to love them.


If you keep showing your cards then chances are you are far more interested in losing the game than you are in playing it. Or perhaps you derive more meaning from being the victim of your circumstances than being the victor. The world presents many obstacles to your success, why insist on adding more to the list?


Only those who truly care about you will let you speak your mind freely with them. Those who don’t, are not friends, even if they are members of your own family. And therefore even these are not family, either. In both cases these individuals are merely companions or compatriots or coworkers and co-collaborators.

What you are witnessing in such instances is the conditioned behavior among these individuals to preserve the integrity of the group over the individual. But this is wisdom that has largely been perverted because one cannot care for a forest without caring to some extent for the individual creatures within it.

What is actually at work is the biological tendency to preserve sameness and shun the “other.” There are, after all, forests that have been so successful in breeding one kind of tree that all other species of plant and shrub have been rendered extinct. Tribalism and group survival is all that is at work, nothing more and nothing less.

So you see, you must make a choice about the game you want to play. Be a collectivist and remain silent about what makes you an inconvenience to those that wish to shun those different to them. Or be an individualist and speak freely about what makes you different, even if it rubs against social norms. The choice is yours.


When a wave extends outward it displaces but does not necessarily move water from crest to crest. Likewise the you now is not the you of yesterday or the you of tomorrow. But the choices you make will either help or ruin the you that follows. Choose wisely.


Humans are creatures that wrestle between choosing to be driven by their biology vs their philosophical principles. As of late, humans have become primarily philosophical creatures with biological tendencies seen as mostly an inconvenience along for the ride. The power of such a paradigm is that it could lead to our premature demise or extend the existence of our species into perpetuity. In my estimation, only when our philosophy reaches a state of harmony with our biology will we truly prosper and become a beautiful species. But if we mechanize ourselves, we will just become a virus in the galaxy.