What you busy yourself building is what you have decided to count on. Build a relationship and you will be able to count on your partner.  Build a family and you will be able to count on them for a lifetime.  Build a career and that will be your vessel for as long as it lasts.  What you busy yourself building when you have your strengths is what will sustain you when you have none left. Build wisely.



We are as oblivious of the sentience of our soul as a video game character is of the user that plays it.  You are the avatar and as long as negative patterns continue to re-emerge in your life, you will continue to fight them until you learn what you’re supposed to in order to pass to the next level.


Cycles of pain are your own doing and cycles of fulfillment those you surrender to.  If a cycle of suffering keeps manifesting itself to you then it is because you have something yet to be learned. Once it comes again be sure not to be stubborn! Pass the test, instead, and you will not need to repeat it.

Cycles of fulfillment are derived by surrendering to the cycles of nature.  The more you depart from nature’s cycles the less fulfillment there will be in your life.  A healthy person will sleep according to the earth’s rotation (every 1 day).  A healthy woman will offer the opportunity for life according to the moon’s orbit (every 28 days).  The raising of a healthy child and any long term venture must be in accordance with the sun (12 year increments).   Let your will flow within the timescale of nature and you will manifest anything your heart desires. And if you continue to desire suffering, then it is because there is something you are trying to learn or overcome about yourself.


Every time you give something a name, you create a new identity. And every time you create a new identity, you further divide the world in the mind of humanity. True and good knowledge doesn’t come from books but from pristine sense perceptions. Therefore, all good science must devote the greater of its efforts to enhancing our sense perceptions such that conclusions can rest in the minds of every observer and not at the behest of publishers.


The religions of the world have been as giant sea vessels to the human enterprise. The seekers among us have chosen to sail among them in small vessels of our own, risking the elements for the benefit of exchange between all manner of people and the sharing of good and peaceful tidings.


Being one that gives but does not like receiving is not worthy of giving.
Being one that receives but does not like to give, is not worthy of receiving.

For only those that can give and receive with perfect ease and comfort, can it be said are in balance and worthy of each.


Father’s help shape their son’s identities. At first, they present themselves as caregivers and protectors and therefore the child forms the identity of a dependent. Later, the father must bring the child with him to follow and shadow him in his work and therefore then the child forms the identity of an able and capable assistant. Later, the father must assign and delegate authority to the boy, so that in time the boy becomes a man. In this way, the father helps shape the identity of his son and in time must help shape the identity of a man into that of a father. Therefore, when your sons have children of their own, it is of utmost importance that you foster in them the identity of fatherhood so that the cycle of upbringing is complete. If you don’t attribute praise to your sons for their children, then you steal from them the identity of fatherhood, and your sons may fail to anchor themselves in their family and continue to wander in wonder, like a child.


In a voluntary, free and accessible market, the price of an available good represents the amount (or value) a consumer places on it. Therefore, this puts pressure on the producer of said good, to generate the product at a reduced price in order to derive a profit from it or at the very least an amount that allows him or her to cover their own living expenses. Historically this has been achieved with the efficiencies gained through the assembly line and in more recent times through machinery and automation. Alternatives include efficient or optimal use of material, robustness and lack of breakability, easyness of assembly, and so forth. And if the producer also has competitors to contend with then s/he has an even greater need to find ways of being resourceful and as least wasteful as possible in the production of said good. All of these pressures while excrushiating for producers, are immensely beneficial for preserving the interests of consumers as well as the Earth’s natural resources. The greatest profit is, of course, derived from such things that cost little but are greatly valued, such as these very natural resources. This is why the creation of wealth can only come from extracting resource from the Earth which has produced it freely for us over the course of time.  Most, if not all, other forms of transactions are mere wealth transfers.