Terrible people will use a crisis to take more away from you. Good people will use a crisis to bond together and build each other up.  Don’t look to terrible people for your solutions. Look to yourself and your neighbor. A thief that gets away with selling you one of your own stolen belongings, is the worst thief of all.


If you continue suffering the things you’ve lost, you will forever fail to accept new things into your life. Even if you gain through your loss, you will fail to acknowledge or appreciate those things as long as you continue looking to the past. Turn around, and stop walking backwards.

The Nature of The Self

A person is like a country.

The boundary gives it its name.

And to say “I have a body” is as if a country could speak in one voice and say “I have a landscape.”

Indeed it has rivers, hills, valleys, perhaps even snow tops. And this is much like our body has a circulatory, respiratory, integumentary and other systems.

Therefore asking “who am I?” is the wrong question and, instead, one must ask “what are all the things that I am?”

After all, one can never know a country unless one knows it in its entirety and you will never know yourself unless you accept fully everything that you are as part of who you are.