All power centers form through fragmentation and discrimination. There can’t be an “us” unless there is a “them.”   This is why anyone whom speaks in terms of all-inclusive and universal principles will always be condemned by the mouthpieces of those in control of those power centers. However, beware of those whom divide you by seeming to advocate for universal principles. This is the true face of evil. Stay silent in the face of it and your light will certainly be consumed by it.


Science is not a philosophy, it is merely a toolkit.  It is like a knife. Just because it’s a cutting device doesn’t mean everything must be cut by it.

Let us say that tomorrow just like science learned how to split atoms, it learned how to split entire planets in half.   Should you proceed with splitting planets also?


If you keep showing your cards then chances are you are far more interested in losing the game than you are in playing it. Or perhaps you derive more meaning from being the victim of your circumstances than being the victor. The world presents many obstacles to your success, why insist on adding more to the list?

The Ballad of the Opposites

The more you talk the less you will listen

The more light you absorbs the less you will reflect.

The harder your exterior the more vulnerable your interior.

Disagreeable people start religions but agreeable people follow them.

The more you help someone the less able they will be to help themselves.

The more knowledge you bond with the less perceptive you will be.

The more masculine he becomes the more feminine will she. And the more masculine she becomes the more feminine will he.

The more you push a pendulum to one side, the more potential energy it gathers to move in the opposite direction.

After all, a planet gives us day and then night because it spins. And it only spins in one direction because both sides move in opposite directions.

Once you understand this ballad of the opposites or everything there is to understand you will finally understand nothing at all.

Therefore be at peace and rest assured things are, and only are because they are the way they are.

Existence is contention, and life, a dance between extremes.


Most humans may only be 1% conscious which means they are 99% machination.  Your past, your trauma, your genetics, they all conspire against you to repeat all the suffering that formed them.  You are a puzzle piece that takes its shape like a gear only feeling realized when it fits. So you seek, at all times to turn the wheel of your karma and those that have fit you into theirs.   You choose what is familiar, even if it ruins you.   Raise your consciousness! It’s the only key you have for liberation.


A woman that exhibits an irrational veneration of male sexual attention and finds herself frequently having sexual intercourse with multiple men is simply a girl that never got genuine or proper attention from the male authorities in her life. All things that we lacked in our childhood or that have been taken away from us, we will devote our unconscious energies toward recreating them.


A man that exhibits an irrational veneration of women and finds himself frequently falling deeply in love with them is simply a boy that never got genuine attention or approval from the female authorities in his life. All things that we lacked in our childhood or have had taken away from us, we will devote our unconscious life trying to recreate.


The answer to all things is this: All of creation is striving to replace something that has been taken away from it.  Nothingness  brought isness for it simply could not bare its desolation.  Likewise, the isness of a human baby felt the loss of its mother’s womb and sought to restore safety and shelter in the arms of its parents.   All of your unconscious impulses and compulsions are Continue reading “Missing”


When you find an easy way to work around a problem you allow the problem to persist and maybe even grow. Be forthcoming and not lazy with the problems you encounter. Be brave and not cowardly. If you fail in this, you fail creation.


When you viscerally dislike someone it is likely because they unabashedly and externally exhibit attributes you have placed great effort in keeping concealed within you. Likewise when you viscerally like someone it is because they unabashedly and externally exhibit those things you would like to and strive to embody externally yourself.