July 9, 2017

If you let it pass through you it will never hurt you.
If you resist it, it will erode you like water does to stone.
Either way you will give in. but only one requires suffering.



July 9, 2017

Light illumines only because we have eyes. Sound amplifies only because we have ears. In truth, light and sound are no more different than red and green. They are merely distances on a spectrum seen as different only because we have a body that divides them through the sense perceptions. Free yourself from these and you will free yourself from the body. Free yourself from the body and you will become one with the cosmos. Become one with the cosmos and you will inhale with the sunrise and exhale with the sunset. Such will be the passage of time.


July 3, 2017

Let go of what was and what may be and you’ll find yourself in the moment.



July 1, 2017

Woman, if you devote your time together making preparations for the event that he might leave you, rest assured, he most certainly will.


June 30, 2017

The human fool is so eager to be right of his own bleak predictions he will go out of his way to fulfill his own prophecies.


June 27, 2017

What if the cosmos is merely the gut of a creature that likes to eat stars?


June 20, 2017

Every cell in your body lives and dies for you every day because they love you unconditionally.  The least you could do is take some time each day to love them back.


June 18, 2017

The one word that describes the human condition up until now is simply this: unsatisfied. And as long as the human being feels this void and longing for more, he will attempt to fill it with all manner of things that will satiate this appetite but only for a short while. The hunger will inevitably return and the void grow even larger. This longing and this void is merely an opening that each human being must learn how to close and open according to what is needed. The appetite of desire has a mouth that is perpetually open and we must learn how to control it. It begins with the knowledge of self and sealing our appreciation of self that it remain secure and not become as a black hole that swallows light itself. Only then will the human being be satisfied and stop her never ending quest for more.


June 18, 2017

What hell is this?
I extend an expression of love and it is perceived as an attack in disguise?
I lend a helping hand and its perceived as paternal condescension?
I give generously and they laugh behind my back for being had?
I dress and behave politely and I’m scoffed at for being privileged?
I take note and give praise to that which is beautiful and am told I am disregarding the ugly?

What inferno has taken over?
What abyss have I fallen into?
What nightmare have I woken into?


June 14, 2017

Feelings are merely the tools the human psyche has developed, through evolution, to signal which elements in your environment are aligned or unaligned with your cultural conventions or those things you are socially acclimated to. Therefore be measured in how much importance you give them in your search for truth.

(From HC Mehdi’s The Fractal Order)