If your romantic partner seeks the attention and love of others at your personal expense, this person is not a partner, they are merely a passenger using you like a parasite does a host. It is time you shed your fleas and be your own sovereign person.


You live in a system that thrives on division. Stay away from petty team-based thinking. Hold onto your principles first and your loyalties later. Any team smaller or separate from those living within the boundaries of your nation is not worth your membership.


Follow your heart at your own peril. It will likely lead you to the hammer that broke it last and if you’re not prepared it will finish the job. Follow your mind at your own peril. It will likely lead you only to those places you know and understand and you will end up exactly where you started. If you’re not perfect, do this instead: toss yourself into the abyss and fall into life. You’ll have a better chance of landing somewhere new than if you follow your broken heart and ignorant mind.