Nobody hates a person for their race unless they perceive the person identifies themselves first as a member of their race.  When any individual, identifies themselves as being human, first, and as a member of a race or religion- last; And they also think the same of others, they will see little to no resistance or objection in their path solely due to the amount of melanin in their skin.



Rulers often express the ideas that would benefit the people through the mouth of a clown to make the people agree with the rulers instead.


What you busy yourself building is what you have decided to count on. Build a relationship and you will be able to count on your partner.  Build a family and you will be able to count on them for a lifetime.  Build a career and that will be your vessel for as long as it lasts.  What you busy yourself building when you have your strengths is what will sustain you when you have none left. Build wisely.


It may seem to be the case that adversity renders great and powerful individuals, but the truth of the matter is that only these individuals are capable of emerging triumphant from such adversity. So it is largely despite it and not because of it. Therefore know that if you subject adversity on others in order to create greatness, what you are actually doing is creating a barrier, through which only the very strong will emerge and the vast majority that you have inflicted this on, will be selected out.


We are as oblivious of the sentience of our soul as a video game character is of the user that plays it.  You are the avatar and as long as negative patterns continue to re-emerge in your life, you will continue to fight them until you learn what you’re supposed to in order to pass to the next level.


Cycles of pain are your own doing and cycles of fulfillment those you surrender to.  If a cycle of suffering keeps manifesting itself to you then it is because you have something yet to be learned. Once it comes again be sure not to be stubborn! Pass the test, instead, and you will not need to repeat it.

Cycles of fulfillment are derived by surrendering to the cycles of nature.  The more you depart from nature’s cycles the less fulfillment there will be in your life.  A healthy person will sleep according to the earth’s rotation (every 1 day).  A healthy woman will offer the opportunity for life according to the moon’s orbit (every 28 days).  The raising of a healthy child and any long term venture must be in accordance with the sun (12 year increments).   Let your will flow within the timescale of nature and you will manifest anything your heart desires. And if you continue to desire suffering, then it is because there is something you are trying to learn or overcome about yourself.


Communism failed not entirely, but in part, due to the lack of respecting the individuality of the individual.  But now that hair color is all you seem to need to express yourself, communists will reign over you with a terror the likes of which have never been seen before in human history.  And your price? Free pigment for all!