Vanity is a noble attribute as it stems from our desire to be of value to others. But if we aren’t able (or too lazy) to find a way in which we are valuable to others, vanity will rest it’s place on our body and face. As we age, then, and find it more and more difficult to make this part of us valuable we will descend gradually into a nihilistic and easily corruptible state and a life of crime or self annihilation. Therefore it is important to find self worth in things that don’t fade. Only then will you be truly satisfied with yourself.


Life is constantly responding to vibration and attempting to express in its own way a form that agrees with said frequency. This is why beauty is fundamentally the achievance of resonance, with one part being a response to cosmic forms and another to individual manifestation. There is yet a third pre-requisite for beauty which is the attainment of an alignment with its own frequency. Once this third is achieved and it is achieved last, the path toward individual perfection and beauty is accelerated exponentially until reaching the zenith of its potential.