You will be forbidden to have a beard or have long hair and you will be required to adhere to certain dress codes. Later you will hand over your property, guns and children. But it’s ok, see, because it’s all for your own good, they say. And yet you say nothing. All it takes for evil to take hold of you is for you to do nothing in response. You are either being willfully ignorant or a coward. Therefore you should also be ashamed of yourself.


So many would rather ally themselves with tyrants instead of speaking up against them. And so many others are cowardly choosing to remain silent so as to not admit their own complicity, even to those closest to them.


The game of life is this. In order for it to spin, it must chase its own tail and think it’s not her own.

The word lie is not too dissimilar from the word life.  Because in our words is inscribed the wisdom of the ancients that forged it.  The cycles of pain and destruction persisted in erasing what was learned until man grew wise enough to preserve it in the words spoken even by those causing the destruction.  It is the great secret that is made plain every time we speak.

But fear those dwelling in the dust whom have now gathered their strengths to kill our very words.  Even evil fears them. For they are like a parasite that targets the core of all immune systems rendering the body of good and evil unresponsive to the threat it bears.  Unresponsive. This is the fate of the body once the language is destroyed and thus, far more effective at destroying the human enterprise than targeting the body itself. Target the word, and all that has followed will be lost.

Life is a game, yes. An illusion. See the illusion plainly, and you will be lost into nihilism.  Or choose to play the game, and be the avatar that prevails.   Life is not for cowards.