If you keep showing your cards then chances are you are far more interested in losing the game than you are in playing it. Or perhaps you derive more meaning from being the victim of your circumstances than being the victor. The world presents many obstacles to your success, why insist on adding more to the list?


Most humans may only be 1% conscious which means they are 99% machination.  Your past, your trauma, your genetics, they all conspire against you to repeat all the suffering that formed them.  You are a puzzle piece that takes its shape like a gear only feeling realized when it fits. So you seek, at all times to turn the wheel of your karma and those that have fit you into theirs.   You choose what is familiar, even if it ruins you.   Raise your consciousness! It’s the only key you have for liberation.


Every compulsive act is a dishonest one. And unless you are in a state of restraint, these actions will inevitably bring you suffering in your life – either through the resentment you build in the process or the consequences they produce for you.


When pursuing personal growth most individuals involve themselves with symptoms and therefore go around in circles never improving themselves.  If you’d truly like to pursue personal growth you will first need to identify all of your compulsive behaviors. These may be physical and psychological.   Once you’ve identified these and are able to get them under your control, all of the other issues you’ve been trying to address in yourself will go away.

Compulsive behaviors may include simple things like Continue reading “Compulsion”