If your romantic partner seeks the attention and love of others at your personal expense, this person is not a partner, they are merely a passenger using you like a parasite does a host. It is time you shed your fleas and be your own sovereign person.


Those who replace arguments with wordsmithed rhetoric and poorly constructed syllogisms will find their ideas to be fraught with sophistry. Stay clear from any conversation with such people as they are merely ideologically possessed beings whose ideas belong to a parasite that has dug its clutches deep in their mind.


Your reproductive instinct is like a parasite so finely wired to you it will hijack your intellect and use it to posture all manner of arguments that justify behaviors that will ultimately ruin you but benefit its replication in your future offspring. The obvious question that arises, however, is, to whom is it that the arguments are being made to?


If seeking the approval of others is the principle by which you live by, then you will find this to be no principle at all for you will become someone different from one day and person to the next. Principles are to be like columns to your character, not the sails that follow the whims of the open sea.  You must choose. Become one of the columns for greatness, or maneuver yourself between them to extract what you can from the host. Be a parasite or be a person. Pick one for you can not be both!