If your female partner has absolutely no desire to engage sexually with you it’s because she has no desire to feel loved by you.   And if your female partner has an extreme desire to engage with you sexually it’s because she desires to feel loved by you and not because she has sexual cravings.  The sexual craving for orgasm is by and large a phenomena unique to male sexuality.  And thus, while men are titillated by a woman just for being a woman, women are titillated by men just for being men.   A man wants to climax while a woman wants to see a man she admires and respects climax and for herself to be the cause of it.  This is the nature of male and female sexuality in its rawest form.


The future and outcome of humanity rests largely on the quality of the women we produce.  For it is the type of woman our world raises that will largely determine the type of man that will emerge. And it is the type of woman you have that will determine the type of upbringing both girls and boys receive.  Women are, after all, most often the first nurturers and up-bringers of children.  It is alarming that the world today is engaged in worsening the quality of women by urging them to follow in the footsteps of the worst of men.  This will only lead to a terrible society and the end of civilization as we’ve known it.   I urge everyone to focus on producing a world with better quality girls and women. Only then will you have a world with better quality men. After all, men are conditioned to shape themselves according to whatever image a woman desires.  And if a woman is taught to shape herself to hate men and be independent of them, rest assured, you will only get hateful and resentful men in return and tribal instinct will once again rule the streets.


Only those who truly care about you will let you speak your mind freely with them. Those who don’t, are not friends, even if they are members of your own family. And therefore even these are not family, either. In both cases these individuals are merely companions or compatriots or coworkers and co-collaborators.

What you are witnessing in such instances is the conditioned behavior among these individuals to preserve the integrity of the group over the individual. But this is wisdom that has largely been perverted because one cannot care for a forest without caring to some extent for the individual creatures within it.

What is actually at work is the biological tendency to preserve sameness and shun the “other.” There are, after all, forests that have been so successful in breeding one kind of tree that all other species of plant and shrub have been rendered extinct. Tribalism and group survival is all that is at work, nothing more and nothing less.

So you see, you must make a choice about the game you want to play. Be a collectivist and remain silent about what makes you an inconvenience to those that wish to shun those different to them. Or be an individualist and speak freely about what makes you different, even if it rubs against social norms. The choice is yours.

The Nature of Forgiveness and Restitution

If someone breaks something of yours, be it intentional or accidental, any ethically minded individual will immediately extend his or her apologies and offer to repair the damage or attempt to replace the item or its value at their own expense.

If however, the individual only says they are sorry and then Continue reading “The Nature of Forgiveness and Restitution”

The Responsibility of Women

Women of the world, hear this!

Men are conditioned to go where they are most needed. If you want a man as a husband, make it evident to him this is the only reason you are getting to know him. If you marry him and want him to be a good husband, make it evident to him, in as many ways you can, that the role he plays as your husband is important to you and why. If you have children and want him to be a good father, never miss the opportunity to tell him how important his role is to your children and repeatedly show him how much you will trust them in his care and how much you are willing to count on him to be their provider, protector, educator and care giver. And if your children grow up, be sure to always express the respect you feel for their father by never undermining the authority and responsibility you’ve given him.

But women of the world, if you continue to tell men that all you need them for is Continue reading “The Responsibility of Women”

Sex in exchange for validation

Feminism has created such a toxic environment for the male/female dynamic in society that I believe it’s responsible for the skyrocketing rates in female depression and drug consumption (mostly antidepressants).   (Read my post “A feminist guide to a Successful Marriage” to understand one reason why I believe this statement is true).

The movement is perpetually bombarding women with expectations of ways to be that are quite contrary to the way most women feel about themselves. “You must wear a pantsuit and be a power-house executive at a law firm” seems to be the message most girls get these days. But what if most girls want to have babies and raise a family? What about their needs and aspirations? Has feminism ever celebrated them? Oh wait, they do celebrate moms but only when there is no man in the picture (I swear it won’t be long before there’s a single mom’s ‘pride’ parade).

With this level of insecurity placed in the hearts of girls it’s no surprise women are so eager to sleep with any male that will, in exchange, make them feel validated. “Oh look, I made him cum… this means i’m special right?” Wrong! A man can cum in his own hand and the guy you just blowed probably jerks off every night thinking about your best friend. What would make you special is if you understood the sexual power and responsibility you wield in society and how to use it for good by ensuring that only decent, hard-working and committed men get access to it. Women are the gate-keepers for future generations because they get to choose which DNA gets right of passage into the future. At least that’s the case in the West where women get to say yes or no to men. Unlike places in the middle east where women are selected by the men like livestock.

Oh Western woman!! If all you do is sleep around with any guy that can form cohesive sentences, or take a pretty picture of you, then you’re just a loose woman and will become a nesting ground for everything that is wrong in society. Not to mention, you will give men absolutely no incentive to better themselves in order to get access to sex. When women are more disciplined about whom they give themselves too, men become better and more enlightened creatures. It’s well established that women can be and are the greatest moderating influences for men. Absent this, everything will go to hell, i promise.

I think the problem is that women have lost their mojo. They would rather be passive and let a man approach them instead of taking the initiative themselves. But I think it’s time for women to be very deliberate about the men they bring into their lives. They should look long and hard at their options and literally go after the best possible suitor (i.e. the man with the best DNA and most likely to be a comitted father to her children). Women seem eager to be benchwarmers in the sex game and not take any initiative to participate. They are so fucking insecure, they think the really good man out in the field would never be interested in her and so they sit back and wait until the first scoundrel asks her out and end up sleeping with him just to make herself feel loved.

It’s a sad state of affairs. And the thing is, even if you weren’t attractive or smart, in today’s sexual climate, a woman could snag almost any good man if she simply chose to devote herself to him. Yes really. If you went up to a really great guy and said “i want to be your house wife, give you children and take care of the you and the kids for the rest of my life” chances are you could snag ANY great man you wanted. I say “great” because i think most men that are willing and eager to be providers are probably pretty great guys. If, on the other hand the man expects you to go out and work and for him to stay home and play video games, that would be a good example of the opposite and a deadbeat. I’m sure there are exceptions, but this entry is short so I’m sticking to general rules of thumb.

So ladies, if you’re the kind of woman that wants a man that devotes himself to you fully and in exchange you are willing to devote yourself to him fully, then guess what: You can get off your ass right now and snatch almost any great and available man you want.