The human vessel among other things, is an emotional battery that stores negative energy. Therefore nobody can make you angry unless that anger has been stored within you already. The one that makes you angry is therefore merely providing the trigger that releases the anger that was already within you. Same is true for all other negative emotions such as fear and sadness. Happiness and joy, on the other hand, are the natural state of man, should the aforementioned absorption’s be absent. Think of a human as a spiritual sponge here on this earth cleansing it and absorbing its dark spirits. Liberation is the sponge that chooses not to contend with the muck but instead enjoys the feelings of blissfulness and joy that come from being pure and clean.


Your consciousness is merely the cognitive framing though which you maneuver your life. A supreme consciousness will produce a supreme being and a subdued consciousness will produce a subdued being. That is all.  But if any subdued consciousness has the gall to attempt becoming a supreme being s/he will only be able to do so through folly. And though s/he may even hold it for a period of time s/he will inevitably fall through the uprising of their equally foolish opposing force.     The only way to avoid such Karma is to act within the framework that your consciousness prescribes.  Just like you must eat according to your health and act according to your capacity, and earn according to your work and merit.  If you want more, start by expanding your consciousness. That is the only proper way.  Because never should you wish to achieve anything that is unearned or unwarranted.  Run on your tiptoes if you have to but best to stand firmly on your feet.

The Nature of The Self

A person is like a country.

The boundary gives it its name.

And to say “I have a body” is as if a country could speak in one voice and say “I have a landscape.”

Indeed it has rivers, hills, valleys, perhaps even snow tops. And this is much like our body has a circulatory, respiratory, integumentary and other systems.

Therefore asking “who am I?” is the wrong question and, instead, one must ask “what are all the things that I am?”

After all, one can never know a country unless one knows it in its entirety and you will never know yourself unless you accept fully everything that you are as part of who you are.


When you viscerally dislike someone it is likely because they unabashedly and externally exhibit attributes you have placed great effort in keeping concealed within you. Likewise when you viscerally like someone it is because they unabashedly and externally exhibit those things you would like to and strive to embody externally yourself.


If seeking the approval of others is the principle by which you live by, then you will find this to be no principle at all for you will become someone different from one day and person to the next. Principles are to be like columns to your character, not the sails that follow the whims of the open sea.  You must choose. Become one of the columns for greatness, or maneuver yourself between them to extract what you can from the host. Be a parasite or be a person. Pick one for you can not be both!


A loathing of the self, be it manufactured through guilt, or otherwise, may lead to phobia of one’s own person. These individuals will likely proceed to consume recreational drugs or modify themselves physically in ways by which to hide themselves from themselves. Methods include tattoos, piercings, hair or skin color changes and even gender reassignment. As long as the self is dissatisfied with the attributes of the self,specifically those that are innate and traditionally unchangeable, a downward spiral of debt will ensue leading to profound anxiety, depression and even suicide. Consequently the only ones that will survive such a mental state are the very rich. And why among the wealthy are found circulating many warped individuals.
(From the Fractal Order by HC Mehdi)