Spiritual illness is now firmly manifest in people’s social allergic reactions to truth. To forgo truthfulness merely to keep your money is one of the greatest cosmic sins. We are ambassadors of the sun and of light. Forgo this responsibility and you have betrayed everything that made you by committing yourself to cruelty and darkness. Your mind is meant to be an extension of truth and not to be ideologically posessed by the lies of another.


The naked and true existence of reality can never be described; You can only dance with it. Those things that can be described can only be described because they have opposites. Light has darkness. Wet has dryness. Soft has hardness, and so on. Reality, has no opposites therefore it can’t be described nor can it even be proven to exist; yet proof of its existence is undeniable.


Every time you give something a name, you create a new identity. And every time you create a new identity, you further divide the world in the mind of humanity. True and good knowledge doesn’t come from books but from pristine sense perceptions. Therefore, all good science must devote the greater of its efforts to enhancing our sense perceptions such that conclusions can rest in the minds of every observer and not at the behest of publishers.


It is only those that are selfish, claiming to be selfless, that bring about the worst of problems in the world. True selfishness, is pure and good.  True selflessness, is also pure and good.  True is good. And true is the truth.  Just like good, is good.  Stop the lies!